Q: Where did you live all four years?

A: Kostka Hall first year, then Gonzaga for [the] next two [and] then Townhouses senior year. It was easy to crawl back to my room, Gonzaga 3, after a long night downstairs in The Mirror office. Also, slept on the couches or floors of many a beach house.

Q: What were all of your roles on The Mirror?

A: I started writing weekly when I was a freshman, then became features editor the next year. I served as Editor in Chief junior year, then went back to features editor and a weekly column as a senior so I could focus on my writing. I also delivered the print edition on Thursday mornings to make some spending cash.

Q: What was the most controversial story you published as Editor in Chief?

A:I’m sure my friends from back then could nominate several. Let’s just say I’m glad that back then, I couldn’t publish my boneheaded opinions at the push of a button, like I can today.

Q: What was your favorite/least favorite parts of being Editor in Chief?

A: Getting the words right. I didn’t realize it then, but learning to write concise copy, edit on the fly and stick to deadlines was on-the-job training for my future careers as a writer and standup comic. I also enjoyed seeing a lounge full of people all reading The Mirror the morning it came out. My least favorite part would be the lack of respect we got for what — at the time — was work without pay, course credit or even an advisor. A lot of people assumed The Mirror just showed up on its own every Thursday, but we knew it took a lot of late hours and sacrifice.

Q: What do you miss most about being on The Mirror?

A: Way back in the ancient days of the 1980s, we didn’t have blogs or Twitter, so The Mirror was a way to make our voices heard and communicate with each other. There’s also a sense of satisfaction when you work all week to get the issue to the printer, then see it in people’s hands the next day.

Q :What is your favorite memory of Fairfield?

A: I can’t pick just one, but I met a lot of smart, interesting people. There’s something special about the friendships you make as a college student; they stick with you for life.

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