It’s the last month before the bittersweet return to Stag Country, and your summer is wrapping up with a getaway. Whether you’re headed down to the Jersey Shore, or out on the Cape, you just can’t wait to sit back and relax for a few days. Times have changed since you were a child now that you’re in college, though, and here’s how:


Kid – You finished in two minutes: you laid out your favorite bathing suit and Mom did the rest.

College – You make list after list, and you still can’t manage to remember everything that you need for a week away.

The Night Before:

Kid – You can’t even sleep. It’s like Christmas Eve in the summer; it’s almost vacation!

College – Let’s be real, you’re out with your friends. Tomorrow morning is definitely going to be rough …

First Beach Day:

Kid – You can’t wait to build sand castles, go boogie-boarding, have a catch, get ice cream, body-surf and the list goes on.

College – You spend half of the day trying to keep the seagulls away from your food, and the other time trying to keep sand out of your phone while avoiding sunburn.

Family Time:

Kid – Ugh, c’mon Mom. Can’t I go play with my friends?

College – Although a few years ago this would be a modern form of torture, you realize that you actually don’t mind it. Being able to have a few drinks and talk about the “real world” with your parents truly solidifies your friendship with them, especially if dinner is on their dime.


Kid – You stay in the water for hours. Waiting 30 minutes after you eat lunch to “avoid cramping” feels longer than a school day, and that’s saying something.

College – Swimming in the ocean is honestly more of a hassle than it is fun, so you tend to avoid it.

Nights on Vacation:

Kid – Mini golf, arcade games and prizes, oh my!

College – Two words: happy hour.

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