Normally, when asked to discuss what my dream vacation would be, I would say somewhere vastly exciting like Italy or France. However, being that I had a vacation planned for this Easter break that got cancelled, I am going to discuss that as my dream vacation. Now, I am aware that going to Orlando, Fl. is not really a dream vacation for many people. However, if you are a Disney freak like me, a trip to the happiest place on earth is nothing short of a dream. 

Going to Disney World is, by all means, like walking in a dream. Had I been arriving today like I was supposed to, I would have been crying from the moment I walked into Magic Kingdom. But what makes Disney World feel like a dream? For some people it’s the bright colored buildings of Main Street, U.S.A. or the sight of the castle in the distance. Some may say it’s the food, whether it be a churro or their infamous dole whip dessert. I can’t possibly say which part of it is my favorite, but the atmosphere will always make me feel like I am dreaming a very good dream.

Despite the crowds, depending on the time of year, the unmistakable joy of entering any of the Disney parks will be one you can feel whether you are five years old or 50. That being said, the best park for me will always be Magic Kingdom, as it encompasses the timeless feel that Walt Disney was trying to make. It is home to some of the most classic rides, such as Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. It has made some really awesome developments in recent years, with additions like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. If you are like me though, the other non-rollercoaster attractions are just as fun. These include the scares of The Haunted Mansion or the comedy of the Jungle Cruise.

Hollywood Studios is a close second because of my excitement for Galaxy’s Edge. As a Star Wars freak, it’s probably what I was looking forward to most for my trip this year. If you are into adventures in a galaxy far far away, you can be a passenger on the Millenium Falcon or even be part of a mission for the Rebellion. You can have a drink at the Cantina and put together your very own lightsaber or droid. It is practically the coolest thing at Disney World right now. Hollywood Studios is a must see if you have never been. Besides Galaxy’s Edge, there is also the new rollercoaster in the Toy Story area, called Slinky Dog Dash, which I had the pleasure of riding when it opened last year. Hollywood Studios also has the Tower of Terror and Fantasmic, the water and light show!

Have I made you want to go yet? I made myself want to go while writing this. I can’t wait to reschedule my trip and finally go back to the dream that is the happiest place on earth. The minute this quarantine is over you can find me strolling Main Street, U.S.A. with a Mickey-shaped ice cream in my hand and my Mickey ears on my head.


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