The Fairfield University Student Association’s “Halfway There Boat Cruise,” an event designed to give the sophomore class a chance to celebrate making it halfway through their college experience with their peers, faced complications when students boarded the boat on Saturday, April 9.

According to Assistant Director of the Department of Public Safety John Ritchie, “many of our students opted to consume or sneak alcohol on the trip.” He added that prior to the boat’s intended departure from the harbor, DPS noted that several students were vomiting and there was one medical transport. Ritchie noted that some students were documented for alcohol violations.

As a result, “the skipper [the captain of the boat] felt uncomfortable leaving port for fear that more transports might be necessary,” Ritchie said. “He made the decision to remain docked.”

Following this decision, students were still allowed to enjoy themselves on the boat with their friends, but did not have the opportunity to take the promised trip around New York City, as the boat remained in the harbor for the rest of the night.

Sophomore Michaela Venditti was upset that the actions of some students affected the night for the rest of the class. “It was unfortunate that the boat cruise did not undock last night. Sadly our class cannot handle the responsibility of being adults for one night; that the event had to be jeopardized for everyone,” Venditti said.

Two buses left the event early to return back to campus due to the fact that many students were upset that the cruise would not be leaving the port to see New York City.

Sophomore Nicole Granert felt that despite the fact that the boat didn’t leave the harbor, the cruise was still enjoyable.

“It stunk [that the plans changed] because it would’ve been nice to go around the harbor and see the city and it sucked that people left because it was fun if you made the most out of it,” Granert said. “I mean, we did pay money for it, so it’s a little upsetting that a lot of people left because I’m sure the people like myself who did stay had a lot of fun.”

In an email sent to the student body, FUSA announced that after much consideration, FUSA will not be reimbursing students for their $50 tickets for the event.

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