Located on Post Road, a few doors down from the town’s hottest pizza joint, Colony Grill, the Anna Liffey’s sign is coated with paper green clovers and top hats right in front of an appallingly green door. Month old St. Patrick’s Day flyers coat the arch outside the staircase. This staircase ascends to another door and behind that door, holds the mystery of Anna Liffey’s.

I always considered the place to be somewhat of a legend. Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to blow off steam at Anna Liffey’s on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights, but since I was a part of the 21 and under club, I never had a reason to go.

One of my friends, a member of the 21 and up club, told me about their barbeque wings and their shepherd’s pie. I thought he was lying and also thought that Anna Liffey’s was only a bar.

I am here to tell you that it also serves delicious food.

The inside of the bar/restaurant is charming. It feels authentic. The walls are made of worn wood and covered with framed photos of the hills of Ireland and Irish heroes. The bar has twelve seats, seven tables huddle around the edge of the room and two booths are across from the entrance. The grey haired bartender strolled across from the other side of the bar to say hello to my friends and I. We were seated in the small, comfy alcove in the corner of the restaurant. I felt like a king.

There was a projector streaming the semifinals of the Frozen Four. I had my money on North Dakota.

The service was quick and efficient and the food was even better. The sauce on the barbeque wings was rich and full of flavor, so much so that we had to order a second plate of them. The buffalo wings equaled and also stood above those of Archie Moore’s and Planet Pizza. My shepherd’s pie, although plated blandly, was a thick and a filling way to finish off my meal. I didn’t grow up in an Irish household, but I imagine that those who did will recognize and appreciate the dishes being served.

However, I wouldn’t recommend the Irish nachos unless you have a serious appetite for potatoes.

Although Anna Liffey’s is by no means high end, the prices of their entrees range from $14 to $25. You won’t break the bank going there, but you’ll notice money out of your pocket once you’re gone.

I think that it was the humble atmosphere that I appreciated the most. I imagine that the bartender could tell me the story behind every picture on those walls. I also hope that the child-sized soccer jerseys hanging from the ceiling were his at one point. Maybe I have a fascination with the guy. Who’s to say? Regardless, Anna Liffey’s is a great place to curb that ferocious post-exam hunger. The food is satisfying and the décor of the restaurant makes it feel like you were dropped into a different part of the globe. It’s the perfect escape.

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