Alumni and Family Weekend returned to campus this past weekend. Past and present students and their families visited the University after a year-long hiatus due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  

On Friday night, Oct. 15, families were given the opportunity to participate in numerous activities including DIY crafts, comedy shows and a movie showing of “Mamma Mia!” in the Gonzaga Auditorium. 

While a good number of visitors enjoyed and participated in Friday’s events, even more showed up to campus on Saturday, Oct. 16 for a full day of campus events. 

A long line of cars pouring through the main entrance gate could be seen from any spot on campus. 

Additionally, on Saturday sophomore nursing students had their White Coat Ceremony. This event marks and brings attention to the fact that this class of nursing students will begin their clinical training in the spring. 

Family members of these students were invited to celebrate all their hard work as the class wore their scrubs and put on their nursing coats together at once.

“The ceremony was beautiful, moving and simple,” Lucy Renck ‘24, a nursing major shares. “Everyone was excited to continue their journey to become nurses!” 

Crowds of people then made their way up to Bellarmine Hall to take part in the University’s “Stag Fest.” This event took place underneath the tent still up from the University’s Presidential Ball that took place on Sept. 24. 

Multiple local food vendors were spread throughout the area, which included “restaurants-on-wheels” such as Alene’s Ice Cream, Old Post Tavern, Wing It on!, Cinnabomb Mini-Donut Factory, Fairfield’s own Stags Hospitality and more.

There was also a beer garden that was set up on top of the hill for attendees of age. 

 Even further, live entertainment was also performed by the band “The Adults.” Their alternative sound set the backdrop  of people eating, dancing and drinking throughout the duration of the event that lasted from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

Event-goers were given the choice to buy a single food voucher for $6, a single drink voucher for $5, and a drink package that included “unlimited beer, cider and wine, and a Fairfield University mug” for $25. 

Another addition at Stag Fest was the inclusion of a petting zoo. A large fenced-in pen displayed a vast array of pigs, ducks, goats and sheep. Younger siblings could be found watching and petting the animals. 

Saturday also saw a win for the men’s rugby team against the University of Rhode Island, with a score of 53-17. The alumni game saw many in the crowd who have been in a long line of players for Fairfield’s team. Many fans brought personal tents and all kinds of food to tailgate as a group and enjoy this special game even more.

As the night continued, it seemed that the Stag energy was still at a high, as the nightlife had a little bit of something for everyone. 

Some students were able to go into town and have nice dinners with their families, while many others flocked to the beach at sundown. There were also a good handful of parents that headed for the townhouses, ready to relive their college weekends with a red solo cup in one hand and their child’s hand in the other! It was clear that these stag parents were having a blast as they took a few steps back in time.

As for Sunday, Oct. 17, the women’s rugby, volleyball, women’s club soccer, field hockey and men’s ice hockey all played for the remaining fans’ enjoyment, which invoked school spirit.

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