Wednesday, 10/4

7:45 p.m.- There was a report of a forced fondling. The incident allegedly occurred on Sept. 30 sometime between midnight and 1 a.m. in a townhouse. A male student reportedly groped a female sudent during a social gathering. DPS is aware of who the male student is and the incident is under investigation by the Title IX office.


Saturday, 10/7

1:48 a.m.- Yelling and screaming led DPS to the Townhouse 14 block area. DPS found a male student who claimed to be assaulted by unknown individuals. He was treated for minor injuries on-scene and released. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Public Safety.


Sunday, 10/8

3:27 p.m.- A car outside Townhouse 15 block was damaged. It appeared that somebody kicked the right front quarter panel of the car, causing damage. This occurred sometime between Friday and the time of the report.


Tuesday, 10/10

12:49 a.m.- A burglary was reported in the townhouses. Somebody entered a townhouse in 15 block during the night and caused damage, dumping garbage, breaking glasses and emptying a tub of dish soap into the living room of the townhouse. This happened at some point between 11:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Public Safety.


Thursday, 10/12

10:11 a.m.- A metro taxi driver reported that a male passenger evaded paying him a fair. DPS identified the male student who did not pay the fair, restitution was made to the driver and the student was referred to student conduct.


Friday, 10/13

8:25 p.m.- Residence Life reported finding drug paraphernalia in Kostka Hall while they were investigating an alcohol violation. One student claimed responsibility and was referred to student conduct.

11:13 p.m.- DPS responded to a fire alarm in Kostka Hall, but upon arrival discovered that the residents of the room had actually damaged the smoke detector in an attempt to remove it. While there, DPS also confiscated alcohol in the room. The residents of the room were referred to student conduct.


Saturday, 10/14

6:18 p.m.- Townhouse 61’s air conditioning unit was damaged. Someone exposed electrical wires by opening up the side of the unit, which caused damage. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Public Safety.


Sunday, 10/15

1:14 a.m.- Public Safety went in and checked the IDs of students who were drinking in The Levee and discovered three underage students who were drinking alcoholic beverages. This resulted in DPS confiscating at least one fake ID card. The students were referred to student conduct.

1:55 a.m.- While on routine patrol, DPS found a motor vehicle in front of Townhouse 128 that had jumped the sidewalk onto the lawn and struck a light pole and knocked it over. Upon investigation, open containers of alcoholic beverages were found in the car, as well as marijuana. The operator of the motor vehicle was issued an infraction for possession of marijuana and was issued a criminal trespass warning and is never to return to campus. The student host involved was referred to student conduct.


Monday, 10/16

12:09 p.m.- A student reported that her iPhone 7 was taken while she was at The Seagrape Cafe. DPS was able to ping the phone to a townhouse on campus. This led to a student who previously had the phone but no longer had it in his possession when DPS went to the townhouse. The student paid restitution for the phone and was referred to student conduct.

1:48 p.m.

DPS received a complaint of a protection order violation. A student who lives in Regis Hall was contacted through the Internet. The violator of the protection order lives in New York State. The town police department is investigating it and will turn the case over to New York authorities.

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