Monday, 3/27

5:43 p.m.- Theft from the Barone Campus Center. A kindle valued at $100 was taken from a table in the dining hall.

Saturday, 4/1

1:57 a.m.- An unregistered guest was caught in the front gate and was given a criminal trespass warning. The student involved was referred to the dean of students.

7:36 p.m.- Public Safety is investigating a suspicious person who was found in the women’s locker room of the Leslie C. Quick Recreation Complex. He was identified and referred to the dean of students. DPS always encourages people to report suspicious activity to them.

11:45 p.m.- A physical altercation was reported outside the Townhouse 8-10 blocks. DPS has identified a couple of the individuals involved but are still looking for more. Further, DPS discourages fighting in any form.

Sunday, 4/2

12:11 a.m- The smell of marijuana brought DPS inside a room in Regis Hall with six students and a guest. The students have been referred to the dean of students for misconduct.

7:04 a.m.- A student reported a theft of a laptop outside Townhouse 7 block.

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