As parking lots are filling and finding spaces has become more difficult for commuter students, the Department of Public Safety sought to make changes. At the start of the spring semester of 2016, following a decision from Director of DPS Frank Ficko, the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts parking lot is now open to commuter students.

Assistant Director of DPS John Ritchie stated that the decision to open this lot to commuter students came about because “Public Safety is always seeking ways to improve customer satisfaction – a polite way to saying parking is tough on campus. There have been some inquiries about the availability of that lot and we decided to take a chance to see if we can help our commuter community with their parking challenges.”

Ritchie, along with the rest of DPS, hopes that opening this lot will alleviate ticket distribution on students this semester and in school years to follow.

“We feel that opening the lot will simply permit our commuter students a more convenient location to park when they are heading to the library.” Prior to the addition of the Quick Center lot, commuters had no lots adjacent to the library. The other parking lots open to commuters include the three parking lots surrounding the Dolan School of Business and one parking lot immediately behind Canisius Hall.

Ritchie warned that for commuters parking in the lot, there are some things they should be wary about.

“There is a caveat with the lot. It cannot be used by our commuter students when we have scheduled Quick Center events. This is a big concern for us because the lot exists primarily to support our performing arts center. We hope that our commuter students understand that occasionally the lot will be restricted.” Ritchie explained that among other dates, Feb. 22 will be a date of lot closure. Ritchie noted, “There will be more dates in the coming months.”

Students such as Anthony Szymonik ’18 are happy about this change. Szymonik, who was a commuter during his freshman year, states, “I actually had no idea the Quick Center parking lot would be open to commuters, so that is great. It is in a perfect location considering its distance to the library and the Dolan School of Business.”

Szymonik noted that the situation for commuters in regards to parking is difficult, and he is happy that the University has changed some policies. “I am happy to hear that things are beginning to improve. There’s much to be done but this is something I’m sure most commuters have been waiting for.”

Current commuters such as Antonio Tello ‘18, who commutes daily from Bridgeport, are happy with the changes but still share some grievances. Tello noted that some commuters park at the Aloysius P. Kelley Center in order to be closer to the commuter lounge in the Barone Campus Center. Some of those who parked there have received tickets.

“We have been parking at the Kelley Center. We feel like it’s not necessary for us to pay 100 something dollars to park at Canisius when the Kelley Center is here and the commuter lounge is right there.” Referring to the registration fee for students’ vehicles, Tello feels that for a high registration price as this, there should be parking for commuters closer to their lounge.

In regards to the Quick Center parking lot opening to commuters, Tello says the parking at the Quick Center is fine as long as DPS informs commuters prior to lot closures for Quick Center events. He still, however, notes he would prefer a parking lot closer to the commuter lounge.

“It’s kind of far from the commuter lounge, they should make a place where we commuters can park near the commuter lounge so that it is more convenient to us.”

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