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Name: Annie Erikson

Year: 2019

Marketing major with a Spanish minor

Annie Erikson enjoys wearing her signature J. Crew vests.

Annie Erikson enjoys wearing her signature J. Crew vests.


How did you put your outfit together this morning?

Well, I was going to wear a dress, but then it was cold outside so I decided jeans are a wardrobe staple, like a classic. And I was kind of going for chic but almost like casual Friday.


Where did you get the pieces that you’re wearing?

I’m wearing Frye boots. I got my jeans at New York and Company. Then this is an L.L. Bean shirt, J. Crew vest, [and] J. Crew coat.


How would you describe your personal style?

Preppy. I’m from a preppy town — Dover, Massachusetts — and I just enjoy the way it looks.


Do you have a few pieces in your wardrobe that you like to wear all the time?

Vests. J. Crew vests. I love vests. I also have leopard print smoking slippers that I wear a lot.


Is there a trend you would like to try? If so, what?

I love the Kate Spade colored winter coats, but I’d never know how to wear that. But that’s what I’d like to do.


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