Fairfield has joined forces this semester with New York’s leading social organization and community center, 92nd Street Y, as part of the Open Visions Forum-Espresso lecture series.

The new partnership will feature live 92Y streamed broadcasts sent to Fairfield’s Quick Center about today’s debated issues, which will include onstage conversations from faculty and staff members of Fairfield.

“Fairfield is extremely excited to be partnering with such an important cultural institution as 92Y,” said Mike Horyczun, director of media relations.

According to a Fairfield press release, the Open Visions Forum-Espresso lecture series, already in its second year, releases events frequently, unlike the Open Visions Forum, which releases all of the year’s events during the fall season.

When asked about student attendance of the Espresso Lecture Series, Horyczun said, “We hope that students take advantage of such a wonderful educational opportunity.”

The Espresso Series will feature conversations held by Open Visions Forum founder and creator Dr. Phillip Eliasoph, professor of art history, and Dr. Michael Serazio, assistant professor of communication and deputy director of Open Visions Forum. The series also features guest speakers, with the first event on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 7:40 p.m. at 42 Bellarmine Road.

It will feature a pre-lecture held by Serazio before a 92Y streaming video of “Full Court Press: Inside the Bush and Obama White Houses.”

According to the press release, the video will feature the press secretaries for Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Robert Gibbs and Ari Fleischer, moderated by former Chief White House Correspondent for The Associated Press, Ben Feller.

“If the Open Visions Forum-Espresso lecture series is something kids our age are interested in, I would certainly go,” said Rob Nardella ’15.

Following the streaming video will be a discussion led by Serazio and Assistant Professor of politics Dr. Gwendoline Alphonso, with Eliasoph moderating the conversation.

“People may not know about [Espresso lectures] as much. A lot of students that went (to the Open Visions Forum) were probably required to do so by their professors,” said Jennifer Jamin ‘14. “I think we should go because it’s important to be politically informed, because a lot of people our age, including myself, aren’t.”

The next Open Visions Forum-Espresso lecture series event will be held on Monday, Nov. 4.  It will present a live broadcast at 8 p.m. of “My Life in Law” with author and attorney Alan Dershowitz, who will be interviewed by CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin at the Regina A. Quick Center.

“The program sounds really informative, but Fairfield just needs to spread the word more,” said Lily McLoughlin ‘16.

“I think the ‘Full Court Press: Inside the Bush and Obama White Houses’ sounds interesting and it helps keep students up to date with what is going on in the world,” McLoughlin added.

For students interested in attending the various Open Visions Forum-Espresso events this year, tickets are $12. For more information regarding these events, students can contact the Regina A. Quick Center at (203) 254-4010.

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