Fizz is at the center of controversy once again after remarks made on the anonymous app have resulted in tensions between Fairfield University students enrolled at the North Benson Campus and students enrolled at Bellarmine Campus. 

On the app, which requires a Fairfield student email to join, posts targeted Bellarmine campus and its students, spewing hateful statements such as: Bellarmine is “ghetto,” they have “unplanned pregnancies” and that they “stab people.” 

The racist and hateful posts have since been taken down by the user or deleted by moderators of the app. 

Such comments arose after Fairfield students at North Benson Road campus noted Bellarmine students on the North Benson Road Campus, with a comment reading, “Why are Bellarmine Campus kids just randomly taking field trips to our campus.”

Bellarmine student, Ana Aguirre ’25, expresses her disappointment at the harmful, racist views conveyed by students on Fizz. 

“It’s disappointing to see that people today are still viewing those in minority groups as ‘thugs’ and ‘violent’ despite them being some of the most hardworking people ever,” she states.  

A user on Fizz responded to the insensitive comments that were presumably posted by students on the North Benson Road campus. 

“Some of you have zero self-awareness, and are spoiled out of your minds, leave the Bellarmine kids alone. They don’t deserve hate for simply being on campus,” the comment reads. 

Another post states, “Thank you guys for defending us Bellarmine kids. We go to campus, mind our business, we’re peaceful and don’t bother anybody. We have a right to go to the school and if that’s bothering you, you’re the problem.”  

Fairfield Bellarmine met as a community on Monday, Jan. 29 to discuss the comments after students expressed concern. 

Assistant Dean for Student Success Pejay Lucky and Director of Student Wellbeing Wendy Mendes led the discussion.  

The talk focused on how both Fairfield and Fairfield Bellarmine are one and that each student earned their right to an education. 

“You all work hard to be here. You weren’t gifted this academic opportunity. You belong here,” stated Mendes.   

“The North Benson student’s tuition does not pay for your seat here … you pay for your seat here, your Pell your Merit your Financial Aid. As long as we keep spreading that message, then we will change the narrative.” she concluded.

Lucky shares Mendes’ sentiments and confirms that Fairfield Bellarmine students have a right to go between campuses, even as posts on Fizz may deter them. 

He begins by stating that “one thing I do want to highlight is that both campuses are your campus. This may be your home base where your classes are, but again, we came over here to start this campus so that everyone would have access.” 

“You are welcome here. Every department was looking forward to Bellarmine Campus students being here,” Lucky adds. 

Aguirre affirms that Bellarmine students will continue to advocate for themselves. “Despite the negativity, I have a good feeling we are going to prove them wrong. We deserve to be at our campus. We are peaceful and we don’t bother anyone. We just want the same respect back,” she stated.

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