For freshmen, the first set of finals comes their way this month and many are worried. Those living in Campion Hall, however, were treated with a distressing, unique experience involving tutoring and eggs.

The event, which was named “Finals Freak-out,” was the first of its kind but due to tremendous success probably not the last.

At the sign up desk on the first floor lounge was Campion senior RA Kathleen Sullivan’08. She explained that from 8 to 10 p.m., 20 upperclassmen would be tutoring 40 students in 14 different academic subjects. The event was part of a building-wide project conducted by the senior RA of the building.

“I came up with the idea in October, and we have been planning for two weeks by contacting tutors and buying supplies,” she said.

Sullivan went to the Campion Residential Community Council for help with the breakfast portion of the evening.

“The RCC dealt with the midnight breakfast in collaboration with the RAs,” said Campion Hall president Darrell Bracken, Jr.’10. “It was [in my opinion] the best event we had all semester.”

Bracken also complimented those who worked hard on the event.

“Chris Gardener was a tremendous help as a committee chairmen on this project and deserves to be mentioned in its success,” he said.

The total cost of the event was only $450, which many students felt was a small amount for helping freshmen with there first finals.

Area Coordinator Mike Labella, Sullivan’s contact at the office of Residence Life, praised the event and its benefits.

“It’s a phenomenal program. Students do not have to leave the hall to seek academic support,” he said, adding that the program has a “more convenient time for students [and] is done by peers [which creates] a more comfortable environment.”

In Campion’s fourth floor lounge, RA Joe Fusco’08 was one of the biology tutors.

“We seemed to have had a mix of kids doing poorly in their subjects and some kids that are just generally concerned,” said Fusco.

Fusco’s tutoring partner, Erin Culbert’08, recalled how difficult it was beginning her biology studies in freshman year.

“They felt more confident; we have been through it all,” she said, adding that even she needed some time to get adjusted.

“Once I see [the material] it becomes familiar,” she added.

The event, however, had mixed reviews.

“It was helpful but could have had some more seasoned tutors” said Dan Kagdis’10 while eating eggs and munchkins.

For John Picyk’10 the event was a wakeup call, “I though it was helpful because it was a reality check that I have to start studying for finals.”

One anonymous Regis resident expressed envy of Campion’s midnight breakfast: “This would have been a great program in Regis. I am glad I came to Campion to witness this success.”

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