On Oct. 8, Fairfield University Student Association (FUSA) Senators met to discuss recent developments and proposals from various committees focused on the advancements of student life and interests on campus. 

Open to the public, the audience was housed with students eager to hear updates from their student elected officials. Numerous FUSA committees including Safety and Relations and Academic Affairs spoke publicly about their committees’ initiatives and expectations for the near future. 

Pertinent to students who have classes in McAuliffe Hall, the Community Safety and Relations Committee is working to build a sidewalk that parallels the University’s main entrance. 

Committee member Emma Clifford ‘26 noted how a sidewalk will ensure that students walking from McAuliffe Hall toward the campus center will no longer have to worry about walking on a main road. The Community Safety and Relations Committee views this issue as one of utmost importance as the absence of a sidewalk poses a safety concern for students who must traverse traffic while exiting McAuliffe Hall. 

The Committee of Academic Affairs has been engaging in informational visits to Fairfield University’s new Bellarmine campus. Operating out of Bridgeport, Conn., Fairfield Bellarmine offers students a two-year associate degree with the hope that many will seek further education at Fairfield University’s primary campus. 

As indicated in the Senate floor discussion, 35 of the 44 students enrolled in the Bellarmine program wish to matriculate at Fairfield University. In an effort to broaden Bellarmine’s academic scope, administrative efforts are underway to acquire an additional building that will operate as a venue for scientific studies including nursing, psychology and health studies. 

The Community Safety and Relations Committee has been working in conjunction with Fairfield University’s Residence Life to see all first aid materials supplied in every residence hall. Chair of the Community Safety and Relations Committee,  Andrew Caslin ‘25, has been working with Residence Life for the past year to implement proposed safety protocols. The committee hopes to see first-aid initiatives come to fruition by the conclusion of the academic year. 

Collective concern was vocalized about student issues with mold in Residence Halls. In the spring of 2023 town hall organized by the Inter-Residential Housing Association, students voiced concern about excessive mold in their residence halls and expressed discontent with Residence Life’s lack of initiative in addressing this paramount health concern. 

FUSA senators have been in correspondence with Residence Life staff to address the continuing mold problem; however, Senator Autumn Arel ‘24 notes that “it is very frustrating because this seems to be a cycle where things are brought to the attention of the university, and they act like it is not a concern.” 

“Selective response to FUSA senators’ emails and outreach efforts to administrative departments like Residence Life makes it difficult to make meaningful improvements for students on campus,” Arel continued. 

Fairfield University Student Association Senators continue to work on behalf of students as they push for efforts to improve the Fairfield undergraduate experience.

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