Recently, a student on campus became involved in an advance fee fraud scheme.

The unidentified female student responded to an employment opportunity job posting on the Fairfield website. She sent the employer her resume, which included her personal identification information, such as her social security number.

The female was then sent a business check for $3,800. According to the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), the leading authority for campus public safety, she then deposited the check and “withdrew $3,300 and deposited it Found to be forged by an unknown suspect, the check was discovered to have been used towards something other than the business.

Through an investigation by the IACLEA, it was found that the suspect has been posting job listings on a variety of different university and college job boards throughout the nation.

The IACLEA also determined that all of the job postings have been listed by this suspect within the last month, so it appears as though the current fraud scheme has begun recently.

The suspect has been offering employment with the companies Jellybeads, LDC Charities and Belview Farms, and the IACLEA advises students to avoid job offerings from these different companies.

In addition, the phone numbers 701-491-7202 and 641-924-4533 have been used for replies at the different colleges. The contact name has varied, but has most consistently been Jeremy McCrossin.

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