The torch has been passed.

After a year of new highs, the 31st Editorial Board has relinquished control of The Mirror to the new staff. This issue marks the first of 29 issues to be published by the 32nd Editorial Board.

As the ritualistic arbiters of The Mirror’s legacy, the departing seniors named Ryan Blair ’07 to be editor in chief for the 2006-2007 academic year. Blair served this past semester as managing editor.

“After working with Ryan closely over the past three years, I feel supremely confident leaving The Mirror in his hands,” said Tara Lynch ’06, editor in chief emeritus. “He’ll be leading the strongest incoming staff I’ve ever seen in my experience on the paper, so I think we can all expect great things from this group next year.”

Blair named Ben Doody ’07 executive editor of the paper.

“Last year as sports editor, Ben took the bar set by his predecessors and raised it to incredible heights,” said Blair. “He’s easily one of the best section editors the paper has ever had, and I’m really excited to be working with him next year. He’ll bring a wealth of experience and insight to the table.”

In addition, Blair named Mari Heenan ’07 as the managing editor of the print edition. Christina Stoddard ’08 was named assistant managing editor.

“Mari and Christina are as talented as any editors I have ever worked with,” said Doody. “They both have highly specialized skill sets that will be enormously beneficial to the paper next year.”

The captains of the print edition next year will include News Editor Alex Stewart ’07, Commentary Editor Meghan Toumey ’07, Campus Life Editor Camille Vecchione ’08, Entertainment Editor Sean Corbett ’07, and Sports Editor Dan Akeson ’07.

Working with the section editors will be Photography Editor Bill McBain ’07 and Copy Editors Stephanie Lauto ’08 and Robin Merritt ’09. Charged with the responsibility of covering the most important stories for the paper, Andrew Chapin ’09 will take the position of staff writer.

These section editors will be aided by assistants Leslie Almeida ’08, Kate McGann’08, Alexandra Gross’09, Marie Montgomery’08, Ali Bart ’08 and Elyse Raby ’08.

The new staff has already started implementing changes for the coming year. At the staff’s first meeting on April 13, the staff launched a comprehensive year-long initiative to improve the online edition of the paper. The Mirror now boasts an online staff of four individuals, led by Web Edition Managing Editor James Nguyen ’07.

“I firmly believe that will be as important a component of the organization as the print edition a few years from now,” said Blair. “Already, our Web site gets as many as 10 times the number of reads as our print edition, so more energy needs to be invested into bringing it to a world-class level. James is ready to pursue this goal.”

“We found out this week that our online edition is the sixth most-read weekly paper on College Publisher, the hosting system that handles our paper and also some of the most well-respected college publications in the country,” said Nguyen. “This is a huge accomplishment, and we are going to take this momentum and shoot to become number one.

In the coming year, Nguyen will be working with some of the best talent that the Mirror has to offer. Serving as Nguyen’s news editor will be Jess Mitchell ’08. Katie McCarthy ’08, who previously served as photography editor of the print edition, has been tapped to coordinate all the visual elements of as online photography editor. Rosanne Khoury ’08 will be the copy editor of the online edition, having cut her teeth working as an assistant to the copy editor of the print edition.

“This past year The Mirror staff has made some great strides. I’m really proud of the improvements made and the quality of the issues put out,” said Lynch. “As is the case every year, I’m confident that the new staff will continue to improve the paper with every issue.”

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