Myanmar – Dozens of students were released from a prison in Myanmar after a year of detention. The student activists were arrested as political prisoners for protests against educational reforms last March. 400 political prisoners still remain in custody awaiting release. Delayed by the legal process, these other prisoners will not be freed until the end of the Burmese New Year on April 17.

Panama City, Panama – Leaked files of a Panamanian law firm have detailed the financial dealings of a multitude of famous figures. The leaked files are proof that many of these high ranked officials have evaded taxes in their home countries by offshoring accounts. President Macri will be facing a court shortly to fight for his innocence in the matter, declaring that he paid full taxes on all of his offshored currency.

Kampala, Uganda – Uganda faces a serious health crisis as their only radiotherapy machine, donated in 1995 and used to treat cancer, is broken beyond repair. This machine services thousands of people and could inhibit their potentially life-saving treatments. The threat not only affects Uganda, but also surrounding nations as well. With over 44,000 referrals received a year, the Mulago hospital in Uganda is a center for cancer treatments, helping people who come from Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

Taiwan – Taiwanese authorities have effectively authorized international travelers to attach “Republic of Taiwan” stickers to their passports. The authorization has sparked anger from the Chinese government, who views the stickers as a symbol of Taiwanese independence and has made it a point to deny travel rights to those who utilize the stickers.

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