Kolkata, India – After the collapse of a flyover overpass that was under construction, many are feared as trapped and injured under the concrete and steel remnants of the overpass. So far the incident has claimed the lives of 20 people and injured over 100. The cause of the disaster is not immediately clear; however, the construction company responsible says it will cooperate with investigators.

Beijing, China – The Chinese and United States governments have begun cooperating to prevent further missile testing by North Korea. In recent weeks, North Korea has carried out multiple tests including a hydrogen bomb test and multiple ballistic missiles tests. Chinese President Xi noted that it was fundamental that all parties implement newly agreed sanctions.

Palmyra, Syria – Syrian troops have finally recaptured the city of Palmyra from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Upon retaking the city, a mass grave containing the bodies of over 40 people was uncovered. The bodies found are being identified. However, some remain unidentifiable due to extensive mutilation.

Maharashtra State, India – Protesters in India have defied a court order that bars women from entry to a Hindu shrine. Several temples within India remain under the presumption that certain Hindu shrines cannot be viewed by women, the Mumbai high court ruled. However, all women have the fundamental right to enter the temples and shrines according to Hindu law. Those who have barred the women are facing a 6-month jail sentence.

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