As the semester winds down, students are looking forward to a four month break from academics. For sophomores, the end of the semester signifies the halfway mark toward achieving  their college degree. Fairfield University Student Association’s “Halfway There” boat cruise, which will take place on Saturday, April 9, is geared toward offering these sophomores a chance to celebrate the momentous occasion.

The cruise will take students around New York City to enjoy the sites and dance the night away with their formal attire. The cruise theme is black and white formal and a new feature to this year’s dance is a photo booth so that every moment is captured.

Junior Brianna Tancredi, the current FUSA Chair of Programming, said, “Being able to reflect back on this event after attending it last year, I have been able to bring feedback from other students about what worked well and what didn’t work well along with incorporating new ideas to be a part of this year’s event.”

One student who is looking forward to the cruise explained, “It’s not very often that the school holds events just for our class. I am most excited about dressing up and am looking forward to seeing everyone’s take on the black and white theme. It also gives us a night off from all the hard work we have done to get where we are,” Claire Davin ’18 said.

According to Jack Daniels, a sophomore class senator who helped organize the event, “I encouraged my fellow peers to buy tickets because this is a special time to create a memorable night together. We have reached our halfway point in our college experience and the two years that we have left are very valuable.”

This event is especially important to the sophomores since they won’t be able to reconnect with their friends for a while due to several students who are interning this summer or studying abroad in the fall.

“It’s cool to bring the sophomores together one last time before the summer for everyone to have a good time. It’s also a time to reflect at being through two years of college already and appreciating your ups and downs up until now,” Sam Civitello ‘18 said.

However, a main reason why students can’t go to the event is because they feel that they need the extra day to catch up on work and prepare for the weeks ahead.

Sophomore Stephen Galyas said, “This time of the semester is crunch time for many students, suddenly all of the long-term projects assigned at the beginning of the semester are due soon, and unfortunately it’s hard for us to find time to get these done and also attend events such as this one. I feel like a lot of other students are in the same boat.”

Senior Alyssa Julich, who went on the cruise as a sophomore, has fond memories of her experience and encourages students not to miss the opportunity.

“If you’re thinking about not going because you don’t think it will be fun, or you think nobody is really going, think again. Go have fun with your friends because those are the memories that last,” she said.

As of this week, tickets for the event have sold out. The bus will be leaving campus at 4 p.m. from McCormick Hall and will return at midnight.

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