With the recent news stories related to safety issues on college campuses, it’s obvious that student security is a topic on many Stags’ minds.

The recent murder of Le has made headlines in all the major newspapers, and it raises the question of how something like this could happen on a college campus. It’s no wonder that families and students are now voicing concern about this exact issue.

With Yale being so close to Fairfield’s campus, the recent news has especially played on the mind of resident students. They are calling into question the possibility of such events happening here on at Fairfield.

Also, in the headlines comes a  new claim of a sexual assault from Hofstra University on Long Island. This account adds a whole new fear to the student population. Although the attack at Hofstra was deemed to be fabricated by the student who claimed she was raped, the fear of an attack still spread quickly throughout the campus and in college communities around the nation.

Each year at Fairfield, the fear of sexual assaults at the beach grows when a report of an assault is made.

Last year at Fairfield only two on-campus sexual assaults were reported in the Jeanne Clery report.

Although Fairfield has yet to have reports of the caliber of the Annie Le murder, it is still very important to be aware of what safety precautions the University has taken to ensure the well being of its students.

Read on to find out what Fairfield students think about safety on campus.

“You know it feels pretty safe here. Except for the rape trail (Dolan). I feel like there is a lot of light on campus. I feel safe walking home from the Quick Center at night, especially because there are always people around. And you know, that big drunken group of people that hangs out on the quad, stays out of people’s way and just kind of stands in a circle and I really don’t have to worry about them. So everything seems to be holding up, and Public Safety is on top of things.” -Jackie Brown ’13

“I do feel safe on campus. I think it is well lit, I always see those little blue light emergency poles, but some are out … which shouldn’t happen. They should all work or what’s the point. I see public safety and the RAs and they are all really nice and always doing their jobs!” -Jamie Gallerani ’13

“I honestly feel quite safe here on campus. It is well lit, and public safety is always around. I would feel different if I were walking on campus in downtown New Haven, but I still feel that the campus is very well-protected.” -Ralph Belvedere ’12

“I think that we are pretty spoiled, you know things do happen because people are people. But in terms of general safety Fairfield is really good.” -Gabrielle Brygider ’10

“I do feel safe because we have a great community here and for the most part everyone is friendly and looking to make friends rather then start trouble.” -Luke Paulino ’13

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