Living at the beach is a privilege that we, as Fairfield University students, look forward to for our senior year. However, this opportunity has always been a point of contention with Fairfield Beach residents and the Fairfield Police Department. The conflict continues this year, as police have started monitoring Ubers pulling up to The Seagrape Cafe on Friday and Saturday nights.

While these complaints from neighbors have not increased as compared to past years, this new policy is partially the result of the lawsuit the Fairfield Beach Rd. Association filed against the landlords of Lantern Point 15 years ago. According to Fairfield PD, this lawsuit brought about a court-issued ruling that stated no more than 250 students can gather on the Point during the academic year, as well as a list of additional provisions to be followed by the landlords.

Fairfield PD underscored that the main concerns residents at the beach have with students is their volume level late at night as well as the issue of littering. Co-president of the Beach Resident Organization, Hunter Boesch ‘18, offered some advice on how to mend these problems stating, “Students can simply walk home without yelling and screaming. That would eliminate a lot of issues.”

Along with the Lantern Point Guard, G-Force, Fairfield PD is tasked with keeping students in line during both day and night student activities. Recently, Fairfield PD has started monitoring Ubers picking up students outside The Grape. Joshua Zabin, Captain of the Fairfield PD Patrol Division, commented on the recent Uber traffic, “We want to bring Ubers into one pickup location if you are getting picked up from The Seagrape. The existing spaces in front of The Seagrape will be posted “Uber pickup 9 p.m. through 3 a.m… all other cars will be ticketed during those hours.”

Fairfield PD is encouraging students to be respectful of the Fairfield Beach residents and to, “act no differently than you would if you were home.” Boesch went on to express his appreciation for the work of Fairfield PD saying, “The Fairfield Police have done a fantastic job monitoring students leaving The Grape… I commend them for all their work and service towards us and students.”

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