The Main Players:


Doug Perlitz:

The focus of an investigation into allegations of child abuse in Haiti. A federal grand jury returned an indictment against Perlitz, who is now facing 10 charges: seven counts of traveling outside the United States for the purpose of engaging in sex with minors and three counts of engaging in sexual conduct in foreign places with minors. Each charge carries a maximum 30-year prison term and a $250,000 fine. Perlitz graduated from Fairfield in 1992 and started a charitable school in Haiti. Fairfield has had an indirection connection with the charity for years. Perlitz was awarded an honorary degree in 2002 and delivered the commencement speech the same year.

Paul Kendrick:paul kendrick

An advocate for victims of child abuse, specifically those abused by members of the Catholic Church. He first alerted The Mirror to these allegations last year. He also wrote numerous e-mails to various faculty members asking them to speak out against Perlitz. He was issued a restraining order last year against the Bishop in Portland, ME for his protests. He has planned to protest outside the school sometime in early October.

Paul Carrier:

The former director of Campus Ministry for Fairfield, Carrier was the chairman of the board of directors for the Haiti Fund, which raised millions for Perlitz’s Project carrierPierre Toussaint. Perlitz was also the vice president of the Haiti Fund. Perlitz and Carrier’s relationship has come under scrutiny as the allegations have been public. Carrier has not been charged with a crime nor has he been reached to comment on the situation. Last year, Carrier was removed as the chairman of the fund’s board of directors. There was some controversy when Carrier was reassigned from Fairfield by the Provincial, Fr. Thomas Regan, a former Fairfield teacher, but Fairfield has said the two situations are not related.

Other Fairfield Players:

Mark Reed:

The vice president of Student Administrative and Student Affairs, Reed met last year with The Mirror to discuss the allegations, but off the record. He has borne the brunt of Kendrick’s e-mails. The Connecticut Post also reported that Reed handled monetary support for the Haiti Fund from Fairfield.

Deb Picarazzi:

The operation assistant for Campus Ministry is also a board member for the Haiti Fund. She did not comment for this story because she is currently under a subpoena for the upcoming trial.

Larry Miners:

An economics professor, Miners was on the board of directors for the Haiti Fund.

Sue Macavoy:

A former nursing professor, Macavoy was on the board of directors for the Haiti Fund.

Fred Wheeler:

The vice president for development at Fairfield, Wheeler was on the board of directors for the Haiti Fund.

Cathy Lozier:

A former assistant tennis coach at Fairfield, Lozier was on the board of directors for the Haiti Fund.

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