I hate to break it to you Christmas fans, but the holiday season still hasn’t begun yet. I’m sorry! It’s honestly really shocking that each year most people attempt to skip right past the month of November and press play on their Christmas music playlist – my roommate being one of them. 

And I am a firm believer that this, the overwhelming seasonal merchandise scattered throughout most brick-and-mortar stores and those cheesy, repetitive Hallmark movies are to blame for us speeding up vital moments of our life. I mean … can we just slow down and enjoy the present day, or at least look forward to the holiday up next: Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The meaning, food, fashion and football — what is not to love? Although it’s understandable that others don’t enjoy it as much as I do, however, you can’t just ignore it. 

Let’s not forget that the weeks leading up to this gathering are warm and cozy because it’s also still autumn; there are gorgeous red and orange leaves that remain on the trees and I even got to wear a tank top the other day because it’s still in the mid-70s. Barring any people who live in hot-climate states and may not find themselves relating to this, I say it can only be the holiday season when the trees are fully naked and I am bundled up in my wool sweater, long winter coat and scarf. I don’t make the rules, this is merely just the principle.  

Personally, I don’t think it seems right to start celebrating the Christmas season the day after Halloween. Enjoy your lasting days of fall and live in the moment. Otherwise, if you keep focusing on an event so far away, you’ll realize too late that you are missing the life you have right in front of you. I’m not saying you can’t look forward to future dates, but just make sure you aren’t rushing away with what you have now. 

So, I propose that only until Dec. 1 should you start to participate in “defrosting” Mariah Carey and decorate your home. On the first of that month, you are allowed to watch all of the staple seasonal movies, drink all of the hot chocolate and drive around as many neighborhoods with bright white lights as you want. 

Trust me, celebrating the holiday season in a shorter time frame will allow you to soak it up and appreciate the spirit in a way that you probably have never had before. Yes, maybe it’s impossible to truly get “sick” of the season once it’s Christmas morning and you’re unwrapping your presents by the tree, but I really do feel that the magic will be stronger if you fit your most loved holiday and time of the year into a one-month period. 

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