Returning to Fairfield University on a rainy March day felt torturous even though I went nowhere and dealt with this weather all throughout break—I simply can’t imagine how those who went to warmer climates felt coming back! I’m sure bathing suits were traded for winter coats again; however, now with a spout of warm weather giving us hope, let’s reminisce and indulge in the experiences of our fellow Stags and see what spring break Stagtivities they got up to. 

Spring break wouldn’t be complete without numerous (and I mean numerous) friend group trips to Florida. Sophomore Marina Chiaro took a trip to Venus, Florida with Ashley Lawrence ‘26 and got sunburnt and fell off an electric scooter.

Seniors soaked up what is probably their final spring break. Specifically, Melissa Fernandez ‘24 spent her break in Key West with Stephany Herrera ‘24 and other friends and snorkeled their time away! Some members of the soccer team traveled to Miami and enjoyed a break from workouts and whatever other sports-related activities they usually get up. Senior Raz Amir felt the post-spring break blues upon arrival to a soggy campus compared to the sunny Miami that he got used to for a week. “We were only a 15-minute drive from downtown Miami.” With a dazzle in his eyes and maybe the beginnings of a reminiscent tear, he continued, “then we went to West Palm Beach to visit a friend who goes to Palm Beach Atlantic University. It felt like a dream. There was life off-campus.”

Others traveled to Florida with family and took a calmer approach to spring break. Junior Trent Ouellette went all around Florida and played shuffleboard in The Villages (a retirement community in Florida), got kicked out of the clubhouse at the PGA Tour and loitered outside of the Magic Kingdom gates. Compared to Ouellette’s break, his sister Kallie ‘26 did the opposite. She spent her week at home and “hung around, only leaving the house to pick up [her] sister from school.” 

International travel proved to be a hit as well. Junior Samantha Flores went overseas to Mao Valverde in the Dominican Republic. During her stay, she had a boat day and went to a “little private island that was beautiful.” 

Local travel tended to be a fun (and cheaper) alternative to extravagant Florida spring breaks. Junior Anna Tizzio went home to Long Island and while there, her boyfriend visited her from Connecticut. “He got to meet all my friends from home!” she exclaimed.

Stags living in Massachusetts took advantage of their proximity to Boston, making a stellar vacation out of trips with friends. Senior Olivia Demircan went to Boston for a long weekend because a lot of her friends go to Northeastern and Tufts. After her long weekend, she relaxed: “A staycation at home was much needed,” she confirmed. 

Still, the break was not sunshine and rainbows for all. Sophomore Lola Hom ‘26 moved houses over break—from a house in Queens to another house in Queens and she’s still getting settled, she said with a sigh. 

Finally, the academic grind did not stop for all students, though, as Julián Nazario Mártir ‘26 went to a reporter’s conference in Baltimore. There, he met a couple of fellow journalist students and engaged with high-profile reporters. 

Whether you caught up on homework lounging around the house or did not even open your computer over break, I’m certain every single one of us is looking forward to Easter break. Keep working hard or hardly working and it should hopefully be here soon!

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