As the spring weather is finally settling in, we are doing the same as the new editorial board of The Mirror. We cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by since we began our new positions, but summer is upon us again.

Now is the time to finish cramming for those finals, pack up your dorm and read this last issue.

As a staff we’ve put out six issues of The Mirror, and we couldn’t be happier with our week-by-week production and progress. We have grown exponentially in our ability to create a quality newspaper fit for the Fairfield community.

We started this venture feeling slightly unsure of our ability to succeed, or even replicate the old staff. But now, we know that we have the potential to do that and then some.

We’ve had to learn how to work with two editorial staff members in the office, as one of our editors is studying across the ocean. However, late night Skype sessions became our savior as we collaborated on this very editorial on Google Docs. The time difference may not have been ideal, but we’ve managed to tackle this task among others, like the servers always being down.   It’s these bumps in the road that have molded us to be the leaders we need to be for our staff.

Just like any newspaper, we’ve had our share of ethical issues, which were unbeknown to us before when we were just mere section editors and a copy editor. However, as a team, we’ve persevered. We’ve taken everything in stride and adjusted accordingly in order to deliver the best we can to our loyal readers.

And while we were thrilled to serve the Fairfield community for the past few months, we are even more excited to do so for the 2015-16 school year. With some staff members going abroad and others coming back, there will be some welcome changes.

Each member of this staff is key in making these issues possible; everyone brings something to the table and that is what makes being part of the Mirror staff such an amazing experience.

We all have a great passion for this paper, and we are dedicated to improving each week, both by beating our staff deadlines and trying to cover a wide array of what’s happening on and off campus.

We hope that many of you eager journalists, cartoonists, marketers, or advertisers out there can muster up the courage to approach the Mirror office in the fall and become a part of our wonderful staff. We’ll be the first ones to tell you that we were hesitant to come to the Monday and Thursday night meetings. And now we love every second we can spend together.

We want to wish our fellow Stags the best of luck as finals are imminent and many of you are waiting to hear back about summer internships and jobs. And to the senior class, you did it. Go prosper in the real world. We’d like to extend a great thanks and good luck to our senior staffers who will be leaving us: Shauna, Jen, Enxhi, Chuck, and Matt.

To the rest of the community Fairfield, see you in the fall!

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