As a first-year, I don’t have much personal experience with the dining choices pre-COVID-19. I remember that when I toured the Tully before I became a student, I was amazed by the meals offered and the delicious smells coming from the kitchen. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, that type of service has been altered a bit, and with reason too. However, I can confidently say that Fairfield University is doing a wonderful job providing us with plenty of options. Between the food trucks, Micro Markets, The Stag, Dunkin’ and the dining halls, it’s hard not to find at least a couple things you enjoy eating everyday.

The Tully – I will admit that at the beginning of the semester, the Tully wasn’t my favorite choice, but they have been getting better each day. Recently, some of my favorite meals have included the shredded BBQ chicken, General Tso’s chicken and rice, ribs, shrimp scampi and sushi! 

Pro tip: Always make sure to check the ‘Simple Servings’ section on the right. Most of my picks come from there. Before moving to Level Yellow status, I loved eating in such a beautiful building like the Tully because it made the whole experience that much better. Hopefully we can eat there again soon when it is safe to do so. The only thing I wish was provided to students is a menu of what is served each day at the dining hall. This way we are able to see whether or not we like what is being served. Too often I find myself wasting a meal swipe without finding any food that appeals to me. 

Food Trucks – The food trucks have been a great addition to the dining services on campus. Every day and night there are long lines of hungry students, ready to get some tasty meals. From 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. – 8 p.m., three different food trucks are parked outside Alumni Hall. These meals include mexican food (Taco Loco), acai bowls (The Plate), cheesy burgers (Ted’s Steam Machine) and more! I think it’s safe to say that these options connect with every flavor palette there is.  

While payment methods consist of cash, credit, debit or Stag Bucks, once a day students can use a meal swipe at one of these ‘restaurants on wheels.’ 

Micro Markets – These stations were a choice I utilized pretty often when I first started school here. It’s a quick way to use a meal swipe and have a wide array of choices. Each swipe guarantees you a meal, a snack, a drink and a dessert. There are two Micro Markets located in the John A. Barone Campus Center, one by the Dunkin’ and one in the lower level. 

Dunkin – It’s pretty clear that Fairfield U runs on Dunkin! Every single morning I witness what seems like a mile long line by the Dunkin’ in the BCC. However, the one time I waited in line, it went by in only 10 minutes. I was very impressed. Another Dunkin’ we have on campus is located in the library, however you cannot purchase food at this location because eating is not allowed in the library at this time. The third Dunkin’ location is located in the new Dolan School of Business, but it is self-serve meaning you make your own coffee. You can purchase Dunkin’ products with cash, credit, debit, Stag Bucks or Dining Dollars. A Dunkin’ run is definitely a good way to start off any morning. 

The Stag – I’ve only used this source of dining a handful of times since the payment method doesn’t include a meal swipe. You can pay with cash, credit, debit, Stag Bucks or Dining Dollars. The Stag has freshly made pizzas, sushi, mozzarella sticks and so much more. So far it might be my favorite spot on campus to get food. But I do have to warn you, the prices add up quickly. This hidden gem is located in the BCC behind the Dunkin’.

Overall, I’m thankful for all the choices we have and how well Fairfield U has responded to COVID-19 dining guidelines. I’ll be crossing my fingers that the ‘freshman 15’ doesn’t find its way to me!


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