Recently, Tim Gunn, world-renowned fashion consultant, made his opinions on the Kardashian-Jenner clan clear. He began by slamming Kanye West’s latest fashion endeavor, calling his fashion line “dumb,” and the Kardashians themselves, who West has become lumped with because of his marriage to Kim Kardashian, as “vulgar” and “distasteful.” While Gunn’s comments were harsh, I can’t help but agree with them. As far as strange and annoying celebrities go, the Kardashians are in a class of their own. They have no reason to be famous except perhaps for shocking publicity stunts, but it has gotten to a point where most of the things they do aren’t even particularly shocking anymore, yet they still end up plastered across magazine racks, newspaper stands and my Facebook feed. Although millions of Americans are dedicated to “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” there are still many who feel, as do I, that they are far too present in our media for ridiculous reasons.

It can’t be denied that the Kardashians have connections in the fashion industry, but connections aren’t going to make their products up to standards, especially not Gunn’s standards. Calling the pieces in West’s collection “basic,” Gunn says that he can’t understand why anyone in the Kardashian family is involved in fashion. I completely agree. I believe none of the Kardashians are qualified to produce anything besides scandal, beginning with Kim’s infamous sex tape, her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries and all of the sisters and their multiple love affairs. They certainly aren’t qualified to produce real fashion. They are simply following the typical celebrity trend where one becomes famous and immediately creates a fashion or perfume line, whether or not one knows anything about clothes or scents. Selena Gomez’s “Dream Out Loud” clothing line and Katy Perry’s “Killer Queen” perfume are other examples that support the idea that these items sell because of the celebrity name stamped across the label, not because of good quality.

Some could argue that all clothing sells because of names. It is certainly true that many companies, such as Ralph Lauren, Nine West and Jones New York are popular for that reason. However, the difference between these brands and the Kardashians is that they had to put out the quality before they got the reputation. The name Ralph Lauren is synonymous with classic, stylish and quality clothing, and the company had to work long and hard before they gained that reputation. They deserve to reap the benefits. On the other hand, the Kardashians are marketing their items by scandal and stupidity.

West’s newest clothing line and all Kardashian fashion products for that matter should not be considered high fashion. I would even go so far as to say that it is a complete waste of money to buy their items, especially when I know that most of the people who will read this are like myself, and are shopping with a college student’s budget. Save your money and buy clothing from a company that has earned a respectable reputation. Most importantly, follow Gunn’s advice when he said, “If a Kardashian is wearing it –– don’t.”

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