To the Editor:

I was upset to see that yet again one of your journalists was attacking the student athletes on campus and the athletic program in general.

As a former Resident Assistant for Fairfield University (2000-2002), I “wrote up” many students that happened to be breaking University policy.

The student athletes always received harsher punishments from the school and their teams for misconduct, not to mention having their names in The Mirror embarrassing them in front of all of their peers.

I also had to discipline many students who happened to write for The Mirror and found it funny that no one ever wrote an article on their misconduct, and they were never suspended from writing, like an athlete may be from competitive play.

Student athletes are on display 24/7, and get no break from the rules. They not only have people in The Mirror making up stories, they have people from community papers such as the Connecticut Post falsely accusing them of wrongdoing.

No one at The Mirror ever seems to write about the good that these teams do, like participating in community service programs and reading to young children in the community in their spare time.

Maybe we need to stop bashing our student athletes and start supporting them.

I’d like to see more positive articles about the hard work and determination of these students. They not only have to handle a regular class load they have to practice sometimes three hours a day.

A “normal student” does not have this kind of stress placed upon them.

I feel that the student athletes handle themselves very well considering the extreme stress they can be under during their season.

Hope to see some better articles in the future.


Jennifer Comer ’02

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