Money, power and status were Harvey Weinstein’s techniques in trying to convince innocent women into being intimate with him when they had no desire to do so. Weinstein, a successful film producer, held many positions of power, but it all came to an end after his misconduct towards women. These women simply wanted career assistance from Weinstein because of the amount of knowledge and high status he had in the industry. There was no hint that Weinstein was, in all actuality, a predator. Women around the world finally received justice after six victims filled the courtroom and testified for hours against Weinstein for sexually harassing them. On Feb. 24, 2020, Weinstein was charged for two sex crimes, although he was cleared of three other charges, one that would declare him a sexual predator, according to The New York Times

The two charges were decided off of production assistant Miriam Haley and actress Jessica Mann’s testimonies, but this case stood out from many others due to the fact that there was no physical evidence to display. This factor made the case extremely stressful and timely because the decision was ultimately up to the testifier’s words. With Weinstein’s charges he can spend 29 years in prison, but the amount of time will not be decided until his sentencing on March 11.

The decision of Weinstein being charged guilty was strongly deserved, although I do believe Weinstein should have been charged more severely, such as a sexual predator. It is clear that Weinstein had a desire to abuse as many women as he could. Therefore, Weinstein definitely deserves to spend life in prison. With over 80 women coming forward about being abused by Weinstein, it makes me wonder how he could even say all of his actions were consensual? How was he so manipulative that this abuse occurred for decades? 

NBC News referred to this case as a “landmark” case for the #MeToo movement, which began trending all over social media networks after many women were brave enough to come forward about the sexual harassment they faced. Some of the women that were abused by Weinstein include well known celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevingne, who were confident in speaking about their stories in 2017. 

As a woman, I am definitely proud that Weinstein was charged as guilty and I feel as if the women who were abused would not have received justice without this decision. If he was seen as not guilty, many of the women would feel like their stories were not believable. Weinstein forced these vulnerable women to remain quiet about anything that occurred. He took advantage of his status and power, and used it against others. Any person should be charged guilty if it is clear that they sexually abused someone, and Weinstein took advantage of not only one woman, but 80 or more. 

While reading further into many of the victims’ cases and seeing how manipulative Weinstein was made my heart sink inside my body. Actions like these encouraged by Weinstein left innocent women frightened and forever impacted by his sexual advances on them. Those who experience sexual assault often fear coming forward, especially knowing that the media will be involved and that many people will not believe them. Not only are they physically harmed, but it takes an emotional toll on many. This case is one for many to look at and gain confidence to come forward when they are mistreated. It proves that one can receive justice even when there is no physical evidence available. 

This trial reinforces the fact that nobody should be taken advantage of just because they are seen as less powerful which Dawn Dunning, a testifier, stresses in The New York Times article. Weinstein ultimately abused his power in order to manipulate these women, knowing he could end their careers in a blink of an eye. Many of these young women truly believed that Weinstein would help advance them in their career path, but it was all just an act. Now Weinstein is finally facing consequences that he should have suffered years ago. 


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