Hey– what’s up with the lack of club attendance, Fairfield U?  

One of the things I’ve noticed this year in particular is the lack of people joining clubs. Since I first came here four years ago, I’ve watched clubs decrease in popularity. Don’t get me wrong, there are still many clubs that are thriving, but at the same time, so many are losing the attendance they once had.

A myriad of different clubs have expired. Did you know that we used to have a history club? Or a ballroom dancing club? Or a Harry Potter club? The list goes on and on. 

Granted, I totally understand that clubs will come and go, but since being here at Fairfield, I can’t help but notice how many have had to come to a sad end because of a lack of attendance.

It’s really upsetting to see. When I first came to Fairfield University, one of the first things I did right away was join clubs. I wanted friends, especially people who were like-minded and enjoyed the same things I did, so that’s why I went crazy at the activities fair my first year. I think I joined six clubs before happily settling on the ones I truly enjoyed. 

Clubs are so great to be a part of, and I don’t think many students understand the positives in joining a club. To begin, clubs are where I met a lot of my friends. I didn’t know anyone coming here. Joining clubs allowed me to meet people I could hang out with and rely on. It’s also how I got to know more people around campus, and it’s how I got more involved in activities around Fairfield. 

Joining clubs isn’t just socially beneficial. Joining clubs also gives you skills that will be so helpful for you later in life. These skills can include careful planning, organization, confidence and management. These are skills you can definitely apply to a job in the future. Not only that, but you can totally put clubs on your resume. If you have a leadership role at a club, especially one that pertains to your job, you can use that to show future employers that you are someone they can count on. 

I can’t stress this enough but clubs are really important to not only your benefit at Fairfield University, but in life in general. Clubs teach you so many skills that you can definitely apply later in life. You’ll gain so much from being in clubs and that’s exactly why you should join one.

So, with that in mind, if you’re not already in a club, try one out next semester. You never know what you might get out of it. 

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