Barack Obama was reelected last night and everyone has something to say about it. Whether you agree or disagree with the outcome of this election, it is time to put aside political sides and focus on bipartisanship, not only in Washington, but in everyday conversations, on social media sites and more.

The beauty of democracy is to have political parties, but government cannot function with political parties in a gridlock, bickering and as indecisive as teenage girls. With Democrats controlling the Senate and Republicans controlling the House of Representatives, politicians will have to work together for progress. Whether you like it or not, the reality is that Obama was elected to be the President for another four years. He deserves the respect of the American people.

Overall, his acceptance speech reached out to all voters, no matter the associated parties. We think he rightly acknowledged the pressure on him this time around. This is his second chance; he must make these next four years count. American people expect him to step up to the plate. Obama has to be the leader that America needs right now. America needs someone that we can all, no matter the political party, can look to as a leader.

Obama spoke about the spirit of a true American, one who dreams and works to fulfill his or her dream. He praises the men and women who’ve risked their lives for us to practice our rights as Americans. He even slipped in a mention about gays – and though as small as the mention, we’ll take it.

He spouted education for all. He wanted a stable economy. He wanted America to be the best that it can be.

The Mirror hoped that the President wouldn’t continue on this picturesque circle of wishes.

So, we were pleased that towards the end he acknowledged what we have yet to overcome. In front of a live audience he promised, yet again, to bring the nation forward, and this time, people will hold him even more accountable if he fails to do exactly that. In place of idealistic notions, he purported that we should keep working and keep fighting so that we can make progress. This part of his speech resonated with us the most in The Mirror office.

Progress has been touted by both candidates in their campaigns, and now that Obama has won, hopefully these two parties can work together. We hope that citizens, too, will participate in the change that they want. Just as Fairfield University has come together after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, we must all come together as one nation and work together to restore America.

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