Dear Editor,

A recent contentious opinion published in The Mirror entitled “Religious Values Are Rooted in Hypocrisy” gets several key issues wrong while demonstrating bias. It accuses the Archdiocese of Indianapolis of hypocrisy for requiring the firing of a teacher involved in same-sex marriage. Hypocrisy and wrongdoing are serious accusations and in this case, entirely baseless. Many points are made in trying to persuade the reader that the Archdiocese are wrongful hypocrites, yet none hold up to scrutiny.

It is assumed that marriage is a personal act and that the Archdiocese does not fairly enforce the teaching on divorce or other personal matters. However, marriage is a loud public declaration. It is affirmed by the State. It is not something that can be ignored or hidden. Therefore it is not intrusive, assuming or judgemental to uphold a teaching concerning such a matter. Mistaking marriage for a private act devoid of communal consequences is a major error.

Divorce is a public matter as well, unlike other issues mentioned in the article. That is why this accusation of hypocrisy holds more weight concerning the seeming lack of actions taken on divorce. The problem is that divorce is endemic now and has been historically. It is a crushing and widespread issue not unlike the tragedies of contraception and abortion. As far as any Archdiocese administering pastoral decisions concerning divorce, it is assuredly a complex matter for them. The opinion assumes it is dealt with unreasonably, without providing examples. So therein lies the bias, negative assumptions without examples.

The teacher conveyed a message by his public action that is irreconcilable with Catholic teaching, which is of great antiquity. It is not only legal but it is also righteous for Catholic institutions to remove their moral examples that undermine the Sacrament of Matrimony.


Matthew Breton ‘20

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