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To The Editor:

Why do townhouse residents at Fairfield seem to get the short end of the deal when it comes to living arrangements? I pay a total of around $4,500 for room and board to live with 4 other people for one semester not including utilities which I have calculated about $100-200 per person.

To rent a studio apartment in New York I would be paying about $800 a month including utilities. At Fairfield I’m paying over a thousand dollars a month and have to keep the heat at “freezing” in order to be able to get by.

Where does that extra money go, you ask? No one is cleaning our house or bothers to fix the holes from 10 years ago much less the tile that is coming off our floor.

Our sink leaks and our doors open when it is too windy, even though maintenance has come to fix the problem at least three times. The whole five block has squeaky floors.

Has anyone considered fixing that? Nah, it would have been too easy to do it when the carpet was replaced over the summer. If I was a landlord I wouldn’t even rent the place out for more than $1,000 a month for the five of us, yet we are technically giving the university over $5000 a month for it.

I hear that the townhouses are getting renovated the summer of 2005. Too bad I won’t be here but I’m sure I paid for it. Enquiring minds want to know what Fairfield University thinks they are accomplishing by charging us more and giving us less?

There are simply too many frustrated and angered college students that won’t be giving money to the school as alumni donations once they graduate. Sorry Fairfield. You aren’t what you made it out to be.


Katherine Quell Class of 2005

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