If there is any one thing that everyone has in common, it is a love of music. Whether it is pop, rock, country or any other genre, I have never met a person who simply hates music. For me, the best possible way to experience music is by going to a concert and experiencing it live, and not listening to it through a phone or a radio. Concerts are one thing that will never go out of style, despite how easily accessible music has become. Apple Music, Spotify and illegal downloading websites have made the music of all generations something that can be easily accessed by anyone with technology, but that does not mean that the appeal of live music has become or will ever become obsolete. I would argue that although we have more freedom with listening to music electronically, live music trumps simply listening from a device.

One consideration about concerts is how ridiculously expensive it has become to see performances live, especially big name artists. Individuals will pay hundreds of dollars for tickets to just one concert — front row VIP Beyonce tickets for the Formation Tour cost up to $3,600, according to Daytona Daily News. However, the fact that individuals are willing to pay and artists often sell out their performances is a testament to how much we love a good concert. For me, festival tickets are more worth the price of admission because you get to experience a variety of artists at one event that is usually much longer than an individual concert. There is an experience you get at a concert that you cannot get by simply listening to music through headphones, and that is what makes it worth every penny.

This past October, I went to a Carrie Underwood concert, and listening to her sing “Before He Cheats” from less than 500 feet away is something that I will never forget. I can remember every concert I have ever been to, from Hilary Duff’s Metamorphosis tour to Swedish House Mafia’s last concert to Lady Antebellum, and each time was an experience different from the other, but nonetheless amazing. Each artist has the capability to bring their music to life in a concert, which is not an option afforded to these artists when they put out an album. Being able to physically experience and connect with the artist and the music is incomparable, and having gone to several concerts, it is easy to understand why so many people are willing to spend money on concerts. My parents saw Andrea Bocelli in concert last month, and my mom said it was one of the most beautiful things she has ever experienced, and my mom is not known for being dramatic.

Concerts are universal — they exist in countries all over the world and are available to people of all ages. Whether it is young fangirls seeing Justin Bieber, or adults like my parents seeing Bocelli, everyone can get enjoyment out of a concert performed by an artist they love. Sophomore Daniel Kadragich saw Ariana Grande this past weekend at Madison Square Garden, and expressed that it was one of the best concerts he has ever attended.

Kadragich said, “Everything was amazing from the music to her set design and I wish I could go again.”

Meanwhile, Michael Casarella ‘19 saw Billy Joel on his lastest tour and said he had a blast. “I went with my mom and my aunt, and the concert was so fun and we definitely bonded over the experience,” said Casarella.

So it does not matter what your taste in music is — concerts are enjoyable for everyone, and I personally do not believe that they will ever go out of style.

In today’s day and age, concerts are significant because so many young people, children and young adults alike, are so consumed with their phones and social media that there is a serious lack of interaction between individuals. Years ago, you could not access thousands of songs with the touch of a button on your iPhone, which is definitely beneficial in many respects, but also allows us to not really experience things fully. I think this is why concerts are so important. They can pull us away from our phones and invite us to be fully present, even if it’s only for a couple of hours.

Artists such as Jack White go as far as requesting a ban on cell phones from their shows, which I find to be a really great way to get the audience to connect with each other and with the music because they truly listen and do not find themselves tempted and distracted by the outside world.

Actually getting out and doing something rather than just listening to music in your room alone contributes to our human experience, and I think that anyone who has the capability to attend a concert should jump at the chance. While the access we have to music is amazing seeing as we cannot witness every artist we love in concert, I think that the experience of a concert is something that has always and will always make people excited and happy.

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