As a college student, you always worry about what to major in and how to get that dream internship that supports your major. Some start young with an internship in freshman year, while others scramble for an internship in their junior and senior year.

Fairfield University’s Alumni Job Shadow Program is the answer to every student’s internship prayers. No matter what your major is, Fairfield will help you find an alumni who works in your field of study and you will have a great opportunity to learn about your future career.

Through this program you will get to experience what someone does in their everyday work environment on a daily basis. As Fairfield University reported in their article from The Stag Spotlight, “ “Over winter break earlier this month, more than 125 juniors and seniors and 115 alumni spent a workday in the field.” Fairfield also reported that the attendance for this event doubled from last year.

This program is a keeper; it is a tool that allows students to form connections with the people that they meet in a particular field and then learn how to network to land a summer or semester-long internship and even a possible job after college.

Although I am only a sophomore and did not attend this program, this is something that I look forward to attending, and there is no doubt in my mind that all of the driven people in my class will cause the participation in this program to triple in size.

After reading the article shown in The Stag Spotlight, it seems that many students took a lot away from this program. I am sure that every year the program will make new changes and improve itself, but it seems to be doing well now and really clicking with students.

The Fairfield alumni that work with this program seem to really want to help students out with their careers. An alumni from the program commented on the event, which was seen in The Stag Spotlight:

“Today I am still in touch with a lot of the upperclassmen I spoke to. Even though the Job Shadow program didn’t officially exist then, I consider myself a ‘graduate’ of the program. You see so much of yourself in the student—and that makes it interesting and rewarding… As alumni, somebody opened the doors for us, and we owe it to today’s students to pay it forward.”

Students can take whatever they want away from this program, but personally this program seems to be a great experience for college students to be thrown into an environment and learn how to network. It is a small glimpse of the real world.

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