One of the most controversial issues in the media today is the issue of gun control. There are many gun control advocates calling for a new legislation that creates more restrictions on buying and licensing guns. However, changing the legislation has proved to be tough for President Obama after failing to have universal background checks approved by Congress in 2013. In a Feb. 7 article from the New York Times, Eric Lichtblau and Michael D. Shear say that while President Obama announced executive action to strengthen gun control laws in January, but specific action has yet to be taken despite significant pressure from gun control advocates. This stems from the fact that Obama is working with a majority republican Congress who inhibits any type of gun control legislation. In opposition, there are many people who are claiming their rights in reference to the Second Amendment.

Obviously gun violence is a problem that we as a country have suffered from — we have had more mass shooting in the past year than most countries have had in the past few years, according to CNN. This is an important reason why I believe action needs to be taken in way of gun legislation. Last month, Obama stated his plan to limit gun violence, but there have been complaints that there have been no visible steps taken to implement this plan. So far, there has been an initiative to create a better understanding of what qualifies a licensed gun dealer. Also, Obama is advocating to improve the FBI’s ability to identify prohibited gun buyers through more thorough background checks. These have been the main steps toward regulating gun legislation. I, for one, stand behind Obama in his decision to implement more laws on gun restrictions because I believe that we as a country need to take action to become safer. I think that the president is doing the best he can by taking small steps to avoid creating a problem when all he is looking to do is create a solution.

Although it could be seen as a shortcoming in Obama’s ability to effectively carry out his plans and legislations, I think it is more than that. A part of the problem is the Congressional imbalance. I believe if there were more Democrats in Congress it would aid the president in his attempts to change gun legislation. I think Obama is working to do as much as he can to move the gun control movement along. This is a very controversial and sensitive subject and it is something that needs to be approached tenderly because of many reasons. If there are major aggressive actions taken against the people who feel like their freedom comes in the form of an assault rifle, there could be major backlash. And if there is major backlash from people who believe that it is their right to bear arms that could create a bigger problem than the regulations would be trying to solve. I am glad that Obama understands what a sensitive issue the right to bear arms is, and appreciate how he is being cautious.

Creating better and more careful background checks for buyers and sellers of guns could be considered a big step in the process of changing an amendment that has been in place since the beginning of our nation. Even though White House officials claim that it is too early to tell if these small steps will have an effect, it seems to me that Obama is doing what he can to keep the peace and also make some sort of political move toward gun control. It is a good balance between moving this legislation forward and creating radical change that could upset a lot of people. Although we may not see these actions as substantial or aggressive, it is a step in the right direction and it sets up his predecessor to continue the work that he started and hopefully establish some handle over this major issue.

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  1. Clifford Ishii

    If we cannot have guns, then we citizens will bypass Obama and the Dems and arm ourselves with Jo staffs for self defense

  2. John

    We the people need to stand up to treasonous federal legislative terrorists pushing an extremist gun control agenda!

  3. Frank O'Brien

    Until we properly involve the legal gun enthusiast/citizen in the discussion about solutions instead of scaring them into a defensive stance like Malloy and O’Bama are bullying with their useless legislation, no effective solutions will be found, period.
    Liberal democrats are bullies, just like the ultra conservative republicans. Gun control is the wrong term, people control should replace it. Please, more democrats in congress to help O’Bama? Are you kidding me, look at what the current number have done to our great country.
    Please get a clue. Gun free zones at schools might as well be called killing zones. Quick solution (you and your friends won’t like this) is to hire/train teachers that take on a higher responsibility than just teaching our student population but protecting them. Proper training and additional pay to be anonymous full carry at their institutions seems the only answer to me. The best defense against a bad guy with a gun, is a better trained and determined good guy with a gun.
    Don’t alienate your fellow patriotic American citizens, they have the answers and can make us safer again.

  4. John

    All this “gun control” nonsense only reduces liberties and rights of good law abiding citizens. It does absolutely nothing to deter criminals and wackos who don’t and never will give a rats about any and all gun laws. Canada has extremely strict gun control laws beyond the wildest dreams of Obama. But that does nothing to stop law-breaking criminal misuse of inanimate objects like guns, cars, knives, baseball bats which by themselves are capable of doing no harm without a deranged or criminal human operator, of which neither has any respect for laws. It is not a “gun problem”, it is a societal and cultural problem with no quick and simple solution.

  5. DJ

    This is about people control and furthering the New World Order of the Bankers and Wall Street Crooks. Debt slavery and disarmed citizenry = New World Order

  6. Guadalupe Kurtzman

    In the wake of Newtown, the White House finally began to push Congress to take steps to curb gun violence. The president proposed legislation to close background check loopholes and reinstate the assault weapons ban.


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