When President Obama went on Jay Leno’s show, my first thought was that politicians don’t belong on late night talk shows, especially the commander-in-chief.’ People loved Obama because he was personable; in fact, in polls people said he seemed like a guy they could have a beer with and who could have fun.’ I never really liked Obama because I thought he was too much of a celebrity and a celebrity-pleaser.’ Going on Leno was another sign that he intends to be Hollywood celebrity and president over the next four years.

To be fair for the very few who don’t know, I will admit that I am a Republican and have been since I was three.’ But, during the primaries, I actually had hope for Obama because he took interest in the special needs population.’ While it never came up in debates, according to his official website, Obama wanted to reconsider how we as a nation support that part of the population.’ As someone whose sister has Down Syndrome, I spoke up on many occasions on Obama’s behalf, applauding his interest in supporting the needs of citizens like my sister.

And then, Obama went on Leno. The joke Obama made about his bowling skills being like Special Olympics was insensitive, unprofessional, and unforgivable.’ The White House apologized for the gaffe, and the media instantly forgave him.’ In fact, I barely saw mention of the offensive comment in any of the major papers the following day.

People make mistakes, but this was the president of the United States making a joke on national television about a portion of his constituents.’ All he had to do was issue an apology and it was like he never said anything wrong.’ Somehow, I think that if he had said that something was ‘gay,’ people all over the country would be upset by his offensive joke, and you can be sure that gay rights activists would be speaking up.’ So far, I haven’t heard many people speak up about this, except to fawn over Obama’s apology.

We have to hold our leaders responsible for their actions and cannot just accept a standard apology issued by publicists.’ Obama said there was no issue with him going on Leno.’ Well, Obama, you proved yourself wrong, because without a teleprompter, you suffered from Joe Biden foot-in-mouth syndrome.

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