Only two months into President Joe Biden’s first term and already the administration seems to have lost control of the United States-Mexico border. In the last two months, migrants from every South and Central American country have surged to the border. Now, the lack of planning and cohesive immigration policy seems to be really coming for President Biden. 

Going back to 2016, when former President Donald J. Trump ran for president on tough immigration policies, which at the time were highly controversial, illegal crossing at the US-Mexico border have been a major topic because of how detrimental these policies are to the core of our nation. After he was elected Trump began constructing a border wall in order to better protect our nation and try and reduce the amount of illegal immigrants coming into the country. However, once President Biden came into office, he immediately stopped construction of the wall. Today, Biden and his administration are facing a lot of heat because of their incohesive immigration policies and lack of transparency in terms of the migrant filiclites. 

The Biden administration is being called out on their lack of planning in regard to the surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border. When Biden announced he was running for President, one of the first policies he spoke about was imigration. At the first presidential debate, Biden made sure to be very specific about illegal migrants and how his plans would differ from the former Trump administrations, Biden said, “All those people seeking asylum, they deserve to be heard. If you want to flee and you are fleeing oppression, you should come.” Statements similar to this were made frequently and therefore the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement warned Americans that those statements would be dangerous because it would encourage illegals to come. This was proven when in February, ICE released that they had encountered 100,441 individuals in February, which was a 28 percent increase just from January. They also added that 9,457 of those people were unaccompanied children and 71,598 were single adults, which is a major issue because the border is a major hotspot for child and sex trafficking

Because of the recent rush to the border by Central Americans, facilities have been filled up and as a result, the Biden Administration has given ICE a total of $86.9 million dollars in order to place families in hotel rooms because of the lack of space and supplies. This is interesting because the Biden administration seems to rather give $86 million to non-Americans, however still is dragging his feet in allowing for businesses to be fully open and let Americans work.  

The media has been prevented from entering these facilities however photos were leaked and the reaction from the public has been extremely harsh. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas released a statement on Biden and the obvious lack of transparency and honesty about the conditions at the border, “Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see,” Cruz told reporters at the United States Capitol. This is an example of the blatant double standard because during the Trump Presidency, many Democrats were calling out the “kids in cages,” yet here in the Biden Administration immigration is a lot worse off. 

President Biden and his administration desperately need to toughen up on imigration policy because if not, the US southern border is going to continually be overrun with a large amount of illegal immigrants, and as a nation, we need to show how strong our borders are. The United States has the most lenient system of immigrants and we grant hundreds of thousands of immigrants asylum every year however, having a weak system of immigrantion means we are a weak nation. A nation of laws must provide a path of citizenship to those who display merit. No one should hate a migrant from Honduras for wanting a better life for their family, but as Americans, we have to put pressure on our leaders to protect Americans first. Our nation cannot withhold this type of amount of immigrants who have limited education and skills. 

How is this going to affect the United States and true citizens? If the Democrats have their way, their policies will ensure illegal immigrants free healthcare, full voting rights and free housing. The American population needs to hold radical Democrats responsible because it was their policies and encouragement that has led to this overflow.

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