The Best: Mike’s Pizza

When searching for the best pizza around Fairfield University, there is little debate. Mike’s Pizza on Post Road features a wide variety of meal options from pizza to grinders to calzones, with tons of toppings and fillings. The thin-crust pizza is cooked for you while you wait, and though the dining area is roughly the size of a townhouse kitchen, it’s certainly worth the wait and close sitting quarters. When the steaming pizza is ready, the golden crust will surely appeal to your taste buds, as will the sauce. The other dining options are equally good and certainly merit a try. For those 21 and older, they offer pitchers of beer that compliment the pizza well. If there is anything wrong with Mike’s, it’s the fact that they do not deliver. For freshmen and those without vehicles, you’re certainly missing out on a great experience.

The Worst: Domino’s

It is trite to attack chain stores for having low-quality food which only really gets eaten because of cheap prices and convenient locations. However, when it comes to the worst pizza in Fairfield, Domino’s wins the dubious award. Perhaps “worst” is too harsh, but it is certainly the least desirable pizza, especially when compared to Mike’s. It tastes rather bland and the crust is doughy. The other options like Buffalo Kickers are decent, but not enough to save Domino’s. The only true advantage they offer is convenience, as they deliver late into the night, especially useful on the weekends. However, the convenience comes at the cost of quality. The food will never be as hot as if you bought it in the pizzeria, and it simply does not taste as good as Mike’s. Domino’s does offer many deals and coupons, though, which can result in a lot of food for cheap, which for the thrifty college student can often trump taste in importance.

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