Last week The Mirror received an anonymous note expressing displeasure with some of our writing. While we’re happy to receive the feedback, we would have appreciated knowing who wrote it so we could meet and work out a proactive compromise.

Instances like this prove that there are still people who care enough about what goes on around campus to do something about it. However the ‘something’ is typically never more than a complaint.

Looking through The Mirror archives from ten years ago, we can’t help but wonder if student apathy on campus has increased to a point where emotional interest and concern for campus life is nonexistent. The Mirror used to receive letters by the dozen, with multiple letters running in the paper every week. These letters ranged in topics from Mirror content, national issues, calling out or commending certain people, campus observances, and problems faced by students, faculty, staff and town residents.

Today, we’re lucky if we receive one a month. It appears that students on campus today aren’t caring enough to step outside of their dorm room to raise their voice or get involved.

The University is not only wasting paper with the flyer-loaded corkboards in the academic buildings, they’re wasting their time as students continue to hardly attend campus events and activities. Tuition is in the $50,000 range, and after graduation most students only have a diploma to show for it. It seems the only incentive to attend the many influential events is extra credit opportunities from professors.

We imagine there are many unspoken voices that remain concealed through this increased apathy and we want to express our desire to hear them. This independently run student newspaper is theoretically in control by the four names listed above, and we’re college students taking on a full academic schedule like you. Take the time to write us a letter, drop us an email, or come by the office and be proud of your opinion.

The campus already psychically places us inside the North Face and Ugg boot filled bubble. Don’t be afraid to make an attempt to break free. And no, the ‘too busy’ excuse is not a sufficient plea.

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