A lot of things have changed about Fairfield University in recent years, especially when it comes to dining. There was a Starbucks Cafe in the library and an Einstein’s Bros. Bagels in the Barone Campus Center that was replaced by two Dunkin Donuts. The Micro Markets were removed from the BCC, the Levee was completely renovated and we have changed food suppliers from Sodexo to Aramark. And while COVID-19 may have been the cause of some of these alterations, I propose we ought to revisit our past Stag favorites now that the pandemic is dying down. More specifically, how we should bring back The Natural Juice Bar to the Leslie C. Quick, Jr. Recreation Complex!

When I toured Fairfield, in both my junior and senior year of high school, I vividly remember passing by a clean, healthy station where students can fuel up after a hefty workout Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. It was placed in such a convenient location, the entrance/exit of the gym – and as an extreme lover of acai bowls and fruity smoothies, I was super excited to take advantage of this mini shop. However, before I even got to attend Fairfield as a first year, the smoothie bar was replaced with the university’s electronic gaming set-up. I will always hold deep remorse for missing out on something I never even got to experience!

Not only was this station the perfect option for those searching for a refreshing meal post lift or jog, but it would add another “healthy” choice on campus, or at least one for those who have dietary restrictions. While there is a salad bar inside the Daniel Grace Tully Dining Commons and a new salad robot in The Stag, I’m sure most students can attest that we want other options than just a bowl of vegetables every day – maybe a pitaya bowl with chopped strawberries, perhaps? 

Even further, there are plenty of upperclassmen that use the RecPlex but don’t have a meal plan, so they are unable to dine in at the Tully or Stag after spending an hour or two working out. Having an easy takeout meal with a more nutritious makeup is something that all Stags would undoubtedly advocate for and chuck their wallets at. I know I would! Not to mention, it would add another opportunity for students to choose a work-study for those who are eligible. 

As for the e-gamers, I’m not suggesting we get rid of them! I’m sure there’s another spot on campus or even in the RecPlex that they can be moved to, rather than having it sprawled across the entrance to the gym where our rightful juice bar should be located instead. Even more so, Sara Caceres ‘24 is an employee at the RecPlex and shared how empty the gaming area always is. “I think that a majority of the students would benefit much more from a juice bar,” she further stated. And I can’t agree more! I believe that out of the five days I go to the gym every week, I’ve only ever seen two people sitting in the e-gaming chairs. Maybe we can find a place for them in the BCC or in one of the academic buildings. As of right now, it just seems like a missed opportunity to me.

I’m not sure which people would be in charge of bringing back this lost cause, but if you’re reading this, please consider giving us back this option! Even if it’s not in the RecPlex again, I’d be the happiest girl if I can get an acai bowl for lunch whenever I please.

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