When we hear the term “government shutdown,” many individuals delve into a sort of mass hysteria, worried that the already catastrophic frame of the government is collapsing in on itself. This delving into madness came true on Saturday, Jan. 20. According to CNN, when the Senate  failed to pass the cloture vote of 60 in order to pass the Extension of Continuing Appropriations Act, 2018, by a total of 10 votes, despite the bill passing through the House two days prior. This bill proposed taxes on the Affordable Care Act as well as the authorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program and extensions on Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals. As fallout, various elements of government “shut down” due to feuding between the two parties in passing the budget. This includes the American Forces Network and some parks within the National Park Service. However, the greatest impact befell the United States military, which found itself at the mercy of Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who denied benefits and funding to the military until the budget was approved.

Looking at this situation, it becomes more apparent to the American public that this Republican-majority government can’t do it alone, despite the thoughts of our president, as a fine balance must be struck to allow both parties to thrive and learn from one another. In a statement released on Donald Trump’s Twitter, the president stated, “Democrats have shut down our government in the interests of their far left base. They don’t want to do it but are powerless!” This sort of divisional rhetoric is the reason why we entered this shutdown in the first place, as both parties are pointing fingers in a never-ending blame game that has seemed to plague this administration.

An agreement has been reached and received Trump’s signature in a formal measure that will implement the budget until Feb. 8. While it is necessary for this movement to occur, there is still a long way to go in terms of improving the budget to better aid both sides, despite a Republican majority in Congress. The solution, though, is clear; both the Senate and the House have to look past the antics of our president and strategize to work not for personal agendas, but majority agendas that will aid the ailing people of our country that seek a remedy from the rampant problems that Trump has concocted.

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