Valentine’s Day is a day that stirs up many mixed feelings. For some, the thought of celebrating love can be hard when in times of loneliness and being single. The merchandise that is sold, as well as the way society perceives the holiday in general, is directed towards happy couples in love. When all the boxes of chocolates and stuffed animals are stacked on the shelves starting Dec. 26, a feeling of missing out and yearning for a relationship can cause feelings of dissent towards the holiday.

For many single people, the idea of love and romance is rejected on this specific holiday.  It is almost like there is a love for hating the holiday instead! I believe, however, that if the idea of love is shifted to a more general meaning versus solely that of romantic and passionate love between a couple, the holiday can and should be inclusive towards those who are single.

Some aspects of the media have been swaying towards emphasizing the importance of self-love. I believe self-love should be the main focus on Feb. 14. It is very easy on this day to compare what you may not have to what someone else does. Yet, this comparison is a thief of joy and I believe that the narrative surrounding Valentine’s Day should be changed.

Love can be felt and expressed in so many different ways- not just romantically.

Self-love should be employed the most on Valentine’s Day. Doing something that makes you feel good, happy or peaceful is always so important. Using Valentine’s Day to be extra kind to yourself is perhaps the easiest way to express love, and is arguably the most important way to do so. 

This is because before you are able to really love someone else, you should wholeheartedly embrace and appreciate your own self. Loving yourself means you understand your worth and are not going to settle for someone that fails to do the same, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to work on this. 

Showing love to a friend is another way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The love for a friend can be just as equal as a romantic relationship. Celebrating those you love around you – even platonically is something that should not be overlooked on Valentine’s Day. Going out on a date with friends can be just as, if not more, fun than a romantic date. 

Therefore this Valentine’s Day if you find yourself single or feeling like you are missing out, I urge you to change the narrative. Valentine’s Day is also for single people because there are so many other ways to spread love and show appreciation for those in your life, including yourself. 

Especially in today’s world, any chance given to celebrate love is important to hold onto and take part in. This Feb. 14, take the day to love yourself, love others, and spend time doing the things you love and what makes you happy.

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