To the Editor:

As a graduate of St. Peter’s in Jersey City, a Jesuit high school, and now at Fairfield, the ideals of St. Ignatius have been hammered into my brain. According to (this) teaching, we are called to serve as men and women for others. Apparently, there are some on this campus who have forgotten that.

It all started over winter break when my roommate and I came to play in two roller hockey games in Milford. On Jan. 6, I went down to the laundry room to get a soda to wash down the Ramen noodles and when I returned, I realized that I had locked myself out. I called security from the keypad. I explained my situation and asked if they could send someone down to help me out. The dispatcher told me that I had to go to Loyola to identify myself. I had no problem with that, except for the fact that I was standing there in my pajamas and it was 30 degrees. I asked him if he could pick me up so that I could identify myself. He put me on hold. When he came back on the line, he asked me who my roommates were and then tried to punch me in, thinking that I couldn’t enter the building. Since this was not the problem, I called back. Again he told me that I had to go to Loyola; again, I requested a ride. “I can’t do that,” he answered. He tried to tell me that I was not even supposed to be on campus, because I was not registered, which made no sense, since my roommates and I had registered. He then connected me to the sergeant who quickly sent down a guard to let me in.

My question is, what was with the complete inconsiderate thinking of the previous man? A simple ride to the security office was all that I was asking for.

Number two. Some sneaky, faceless coward decided to bust open our candy machine in the laundry room and steal all the candy. Since this “really cool guy” has not been identified, it is we, the innocent apartment residents who have to pick up the tab.

Number three. I spent three hours in the emergency room, with a broken nose suffered at intramurals. A freak accident which kept me out of commission for a few days. Due to the condition of my nose, I didn’t go to my one class on Tuesday. I called and left a voice mail explaining why I couldn’t make it to class. I received a phone call, “Is this the student in my @#!$% class?” the voice said. “Yes this is he.” I replied. The voice then proceeded to reprimand me for not showing up to class, and threatened that if it happened again, I would lose 5 points from my grade. No consideration.

I have not used these people’s names to avoid their embarrassment. All I’m saying is that these three people need to stop and realize why this university was established.

Regretfully Yours,

Rick Briamonte, ’03

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