In my longer walks to class and other places around campus, I have always popped my AirPods in to listen to a song or two before I enter the classroom. That is, until this year, when I noticed that I am gravitating toward podcasts in order to keep my mind busy while I walk. 

That is not to say that I hate music now, but I have found it increasingly difficult to actually focus on the moment with music in my ears. It’s good for its select moments, like a run or workout, but even then, I find that my brain is simply more stimulated with a podcast on. 

I have found it easy to turn my brain on before class if I listen to a podcast as opposed to a song or album. With the content of a podcast, it gets me thinking; even if it’s a conversation between two people, I’m still interpreting this conversation, possibly forming my own opinions and agreeing or disagreeing. 

One podcast that I have found a lot of enjoyment in is “Ear Biscuits,” a show where two internet stars talk candidly about their family lives, their upbringings and even take time to deconstruct their own personalities. They rarely have guests on their show, but their episode that features actor Matthew McConaughey really resonated with me. It actually inspired me to buy his book and read it, but that’s an editorial board for another day.  

In shows like this, I appreciate their efforts to make the show introspective, while also maintaining a fun, lighthearted atmosphere. I also find that some sports personalities, like Colin Cowherd, are able to capture and keep my interest easily.

The thing about his podcast, titled “The Herd,” is that multiple new episodes come out every single day of the week. His show airs on Fox Sports, so he takes the audio from his actual show and puts it wherever you can find podcasts. Since his show is three hours long, on every walk I take, I have three (or more) hours worth of podcast content to listen to and come back to.

Music from my favorite artists, however, does not stay fresh for long. My attention span with a certain song or album only lasts so long, because, at a certain point, music can become overplayed.

So, new and unique content daily or weekly always helps me stay focused and in the moment. I don’t remember exactly how I started in my pursuit of the best podcasts, but all I know is that I can’t stop because they are all so captivating. 

There is an entire world of podcasts out there that cover a wide base of topics and interests. If you’re a music person, there’s easily something for you. If you’re a sports person, there’s plenty to choose from. There exists anything as broad or specific as you can possibly imagine. 

I think people are quick to look away from podcasts because they have a preconceived notion that they will be boring, uninspiring and lame. But, my message to you, reader, is to urge you to give that podcast you’ve been eyeing a try. If you haven’t looked to make the switch yet, then you should look to find one that inspires you and makes you think. I promise you, it will be worth your time.

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