If you’re  like me, April 12 is a day that you circled, highlighted and starred on your calendar. This day marks the return of dragons, kings, queens and murderers who will once again make an appearance on our televisions and into our nightmares. For those of you who are unsure of what I’m referring to, season five of HBO’s widely acclaimed show “Game of Thrones” is set to premiere in just two short months and after watching the recently released trailer, I don’t think that I can wait that long. Although many, including myself, were disappointed by the shortcomings of the previous season, I have high hopes that season five will be the season that recaptures both mine and other viewers’ interest in the mythical show.

Despite my high hopes for season five, many people do not share my optimism for the return of the show. Although many of us had high hopes for season four, the general consensus among fans is that the previous season fell flat when telling the most crucial storylines of many important characters. Additionally, following the finale of season four, many of us continue to ask the ever-present question, “Who will be vying next for the Iron Throne?” This question has been repeated for the past four seasons and, for many, is growing rather redundant. I find the question to be growing rather cumbersome because although it’s clear that the seven kingdoms cannot be conquered in a day, some answers about who will ultimately rule would be appreciated. I also fear that if answers aren’t  provided in a timely manner, the show will become stagnant and wane in viewership.

It also doesn’t help matters that the writer of the show’s book series, George R.R. Martin, is not set to publish any new work this year. Martin’s fifth and most recent novel, “A Dance with Dragons,” was released back in 2011 following a six-year hiatus. The excruciatingly long four-year hiatus since Martin’s fifth novel has been a source of distress for fans that are impatiently awaiting the answer to the seemingly eternal question. However, if another six-year intermission is what it takes for Martin to lay the groundwork for his penultimate epic fantasy novel, then I am ready to begrudgingly await its release.

Most recently, the talk that has been surrounding season five has been regarding the trailer released online earlier in the month. I personally found the trailer to be thrilling and captivating given the fact that it has been months since I have last seen my favorite characters. The character whose fate I am most anticipating upon the return of the show is Arya Stark, who was last seen heading off to a far-away land. Her story throughout season four has become more compelling and I have been eagerly awaiting her transformation into an assassin since last June when the season ended.

Contrary to my excitement of the trailer, many fans believe that the soundtrack chosen to represent the show in said trailer was inappropriate and ill-fitting. Although fans believe that the soundtrack is foreshadowing another disappointing season, I personally do not view it as a direct reflection of how the upcoming season will present itself. Who can honestly say that the song choice for the trailer detracts from the excitement of what will happen next to characters like Arya, or characters like Tyrion Lannister whose fates are tremendously uncertain? Rather than focus on a song that you may or may not like, it seems perfectly clear to me that characters such as the aforementioned simply outshine any type of trailer music.

After viewing the trailer for the upcoming season, I have the utmost confidence that season five will be a huge step up from season four due to the compelling storylines that will be further addressed. When ending a season on such a high note, such as with the death of Tywin Lannister delivered by his own son Tyrion, and the sudden ascension of unsuspecting characters such as the previously viewed as weak Sansa Stark, it is only natural that season five will be a huge success. For these reasons alone, I have no doubt in my mind that “Game of Thrones” will once again reclaim its glory as one of the highest rated shows currently on HBO.

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