It’s that time of year again.  The snow has melted, the sun is out in the quad, the new Mirror Staff comes in and the old gets to leave for bigger and better things.  Here are some other signs that it’s springtime at Fairfield:

1. Jack Rogers & Rainbows walk the paths of Fairfield instead of Uggs.

2. Robeks cups reappear all across campus.

3. Lily Pulitzer dresses are dawned by the girls.

4. Lax bros rock: turf dogs, nice shorts, lax pinnies, croakies and a sweet pair of shades.

5. Two Fairfield seniors tie the knot.

6. Class attendance drops.

7. 20-year olds are able to convince their professors to have class outside.

8. Guys think it’s okay to go sleeveless even when they are small.

9. Bathing suits are worn to class under clothes.

10. Drinking on Penfield becomes somewhat legal.

11. The Quad becomes the free alternative to tanning beds and when students are done there, they go to the tanning salon.

12. People walk around with golf clubs and lax sticks.

13. Point Security has all but given up.

14. You can enjoy your F’Real outside on The Stag terrace.

15. The most crowded spot at the library is on its front lawn

16. The Seniors are almost out of here…

17. Mirror Softball gets mercied every game.

18. It was too nice outside for us to finish the l…

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