Ultimate Frisbee is an up-and-coming club sport at Fairfield. It is played by throwing a Frisbee disc to teammates in order to score points with defenders in your face, not unlike football. It takes much skill, but can be picked up in no time as long as you can throw a Frisbee well.

Ultimate Frisbee is a club sport that doesn’t require a tremendous time commitment, making it ideal for somebody with a busy schedule.

Seniors Mike Reilly and Nate Hoey are two of the four captains of the team.

“We usually practice twice a week; if we don’t have a game, we will practice on the weekend also,” Reilly said.

Games are played on weekends, so they do not conflict with classes.

Despite these positives, the team is lacking in large numbers, as it is not as well-known as the other clubs sports on campus like rugby, baseball and lacrosse. This is exacerbated by the fact that many of the team’s games aren’t easily accessible to underclassmen that would potentially join the team.

“It would be nice to become better known,” Hoey said. “I don’t know if it would be easy to advertise since most of our games are away, and most of our games that are on campus are set up last minute.”

The team is hoping to improve themselves over the winter break, so that they can be ready for the spring season, when the majority of their games occur.

“We’re trying to do an official workout over the winter, get stronger, get more stamina,” Reilly said.

Unfortunately, since it is a relatively new club team without much exposure, the team isn’t given the conveniences that many others get, such as transportation to and from games.

“Usually captains or other seniors will drive; sometimes we get the University vans and we will use them,” Hoey said.

Hoey and Reilly are hoping that the team will be able to join a league during the spring, so that they will get a satisfactory amount of games in.

“Hopefully, in March we will be able to join a league and join some sort of playoff format,” Hoey said.

“We’re hoping to do two playoffs this year in April,” Reilly added.

As the captains are seniors, the team is looking for young talent to join and possibly take a leadership role once the four graduate.

“We’re trying to find people to step up since all four seniors are captains, and we have some specific people in mind,” Hoey said.

The cost to join the team will be “like $100” according to Reilly, which isn’t too steep compared to dues for some other club sports.

As of now, the team has only 21 members, so there are openings for new players to join.

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