1. Milk Shake or Van “Shake” Schaick?

Tom Cleary: Van Schaick. He’s like a white Reggie Miller.

Keith Connors: Definitely Van Schaick. Shake is playing unreal at the most important time of the season. Besides, I’m a root beer float guy.

Chris Simmons: Shaken, not stirred. I know my milk shake brings all the girls to the yard.

2. Pro Bowl fun?

Tom Cleary: It wasn’t fun for the punter who got jacked up by Sean Taylor.

Keith Connors: Is it played on campus?

Chris Simmons: It just means more betting fun for everyone.

3. Better recovery: St. Vincent’s or Health Center?

Tom Cleary: Health Center. It’s an easier walk to the townhouses from there.

Keith Connors: Luckily, I wouldn’t know.

Chris Simmons: Chatting with the hospital security guards was the highlight of my night.

4. Playoff Goatee?

Tom Cleary: Definitely. The only thing better is a rally cap.

Keith Connors: Not at all. Mr. Steinbrenner would not approve.

Chris Simmons: Manscaping. Always a good decision.

5. Will men’s LAX top in ECAC?

Tom Cleary: It’s been a great year for Stags’ sports. I think men’s lax will not disappoint.

Keith Connors: Absolutely. If men’s soccer and basketball is any indication, the ECAC better watch out.

Chris Simmons: Lacrosse players are just guys who couldn’t hit a baseball.

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