NBA All-Star weekend had a different feeling to it this time around, especially Saturday
night. Before the competitions started I had a feeling that the competition level would take a step
up this year due to many complaints from the fans about how they wanted more
competitiveness from the NBA All-Stars not only in the All-Star game but also in these

The first competition that went on was the skills competition. It consisted of crossing the
ball over through cones, making a pass through a circle with netting, making a layup, and lastly
hitting a three-pointer. The competition consisted of stars like Joel Embiid, Al Horford, and
Andre Drummond. An underdog ended up winning, the winner ended up being Spencer
Dinwiddie from the Brooklyn Nets. This player was a longshot to win this competition but his
quickness and accuracy carried him to run through everybody in the competition and at the end
beating Lauri Markkanen of the Chicago Bulls in an impressive championship round. The skills
competition kept everybody’s eyes glued to their screens.

Next was the three-point competition, which consisted of players like Klay Thompson,
Eric Gordon, Devin Booker, and Paul George. Klay Thompson and Eric Gordon looked like the
frontrunners to win the competition coming in since they’ve both won in the past but the thing to
remember with this competition is anybody that is competing has a decent chance at winning. It
is all about catching fire at the right time. Devin Booker and Klay Thompson blew through the
competition and faced off in the final round. Devin Booker went first and posted a remarkable
contest record breaking 28 points. It looked as if Klay was going to go for 30 because of the
amazing shooter he is but he came up short at the end and only got 25. The 21-year-old Booker
may have pulled off the most impressive three-point contest performance ever.

After was the best competition of the three. The NBA dunk contest. The
competitors were Dennis Smith Jr., Donovan Mitchell, Larry Nance Jr., and Victor Oladipo.
Donovan Mitchell was the favorite coming in and he had many impressive dunks with his best
one being when he jumped over three people for a dunk. Mitchell and Nance advanced to the
final round and it originally looked like Nance would have the edge. Nance is very athletic and
his father Larry Nance Sr. won the first ever dunk contest in 1984. Nance honored his Dad by
coming out in his Dad’s uniform and doing the same dunk that he did in 1984.
Fairfield University Junior Jay Dombek gives his thoughts on the dunk contest, “Although
Nance lost, he had the best dunk when he tapped it against the backboard and then slammed it
home in mid-air.”

His double tap off the backboard dunk I thought for sure would be a winner for Nance to
win this contest but instead Mitchell ending up taking home the trophy. Although many people
thought Nance should have won, I can see why Mitchell won when he dressed in a Vince Carter
uniform and did the dunk that won Carter the contest back in 2001.
The dunk contest was filled with some memorable dunks and put a great end to NBA
Saturday competition night. The competitiveness in all three competitions set the bar even
higher for next year.

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